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Beautifully Burned- C. J. Burright BOOK TALK

3.5 stars
Beautifully Burned is the second book in the Dreamcasters Series- the first being Wonderfully Wicked. I'll link my spoiler free BOOK TALK here for the first book if you'd like to give it a read.
This book was a strong sequel and continued nicely from where we left of in Wonderfully Wicked. Though it follows different characters, familiar faces frequently pop up (Kalila, Lydon, Alun etc.) which was nice to read. Some say that this can be read as a standalone but I personally disagree. Sure, you can read it by itself and it'll make sense but I think that reading Wonderfully Wicked first would give you a much better insight on the world instead of reading it by itself. This book doesn't have as much explanation of Dreamcasters and the V'alkara because it's assumed that the reader already has a basic understanding of this world.
Just saying. *shrug*
This book was very good and, as a whole, I can safely say that I preferred it to the first book. I would definitely recommend it for paranormal romance lovers- it's right up your street.

I liked Ella as a protagonist but I preferred Kalila. It's difficult to compare the two books because, when going into Beautifully Burned, all I wanted to do was read about Kalila and Lydon (...Kalydon?) but had to settle for Ella and Daxon. However, I preferred Daxon so much more to Lydon- he was nicer, kinder and he had a love of books... (Perfect, am I right?)

From the very beginning, it was obvious that Daxon and Ella would be a match. Daxon and Ella had such a better relationship because, though they resisted each other for a while, it wasn't to the extreme frustration of Kalila and Lydon's journey- they weren't as annoying. They both have difficult backgrounds but they suit each other so well in the fact that they can support one another and get through everything together.

When beginning this book, I thought it would be a re-run of Wonderfully Wicked. Ella knew nothing about Dreamcasters and Daxon was all 'must resist her, must resist her' but I was happy when this book took it's own direction. I would say that I preferred it to the first book because it had a more interesting plot and I liked the characters more throughout- I routed for them.

As soon as I heard that Ginny was a dreamcaster, I knew- I knew!- that she would be Alun's match. From this realisation, I skimmed over all the action because I just wanted to get to the moment where Alun found Ginny. It was so cute!!!!! Alun is so freaking adorable and sweet and the way he protected Ginny was so Godamn heart-warming. I liked how, just because they'd 'matched' Ginny wasn't magically healed. I think, if she'd suddenly gotten better, it wouldn't be very realistic. But bless Alun! My heart ached when he was reading with her and talking to her like nothing was wrong with her! I need a sequel about Alun and Ginny!

I got a bit confused with all the 'Red Crow' business. Was Oakes the leader of them? Because, as soon as they defeated Oakes- a scene that kinda went straight over my head- the Red Crow suddenly wasn't a problem. I didn't really process any of that, really. The whole situation, I think, sort of resolved itself and finished pretty quickly.

I also need a sequel about Melanie and Izzy! I mean... come on! Melanie has been fantasizing over Izzy for so long- it would be perfect and so entertaining to read about them getting together. Just me?

Overall, it was an original book with irresistible characters and gripping plot!

Thank you for reading! Comment any thoughts! See you soon,

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