Saturday, 6 August 2016

Me Before You- Jojo Moyes BOOK TALK

If you haven't heard of this book then- other than living under a rock- you have been missing out on a lot.
Me Before You is the novel that has been sweeping the world. I don't want to say much in terms of non-spoiler because I think it's best to go in without knowing much.
Go read it, I beg you!


Louisa is one of the perkiest and optimistic protagonists I have ever read. Her smile was infectious and it was lovely to read in her voice. She's such a positive influence and I would love to have her as friend.
I absolutely loved Will. He was way funnier than I was expecting him to be and I adored his sense of humour. It was witty, clever and it brought a very easy smile on my face.
I've never met anyone or read about anyone who is paralyzed from the neck down so the book had a great insight into what life is really like for them. Honestly, I have no idea how I would react if I ended up like that- it's an interesting but scary outcome to think about.
I think Nathan is an undervalued character- I really liked him and don't think he's mentioned enough. He is a true friend to Will and he sticks with him through everything- though I do understand he gets paid for doing it... but then, so does Lou.
There is a massive family aspect in this book which I loved. It was really refreshing to read because books don't usually have such a strong family connection.
I find Patrick quite funny, personally. I know he's not the best person in the world but, as I've seen the movie already, it was so amusing to picture Neville Longbottom as Patrick.
The birthday scene was so well written with the necklace that Patrick gives her and the bumblebee tights!!! That was such a feels moment! I was smiling uncontrollably by that point.
The whole holiday was so rewarding because Lou spends so much time planning all these activities. When the first holiday plan doesn't go to....plan, it's so disappointing. So, it was such a relief to have that back-up holiday available.
I think the most heart-breaking part of the book- and it's not even the inevitable death- is when Lou puts all her feelings out there to Will and he simply says that 'it's not enough'. That sentence alone is heart-shattering and I cannot even think how painful that must be to hear.
But, of course, the ending was also very painful. Obviously when going into a book that everyone says you'll cry at, you can guess what the outcome is gong to be. I didn't cry at the book and before you kill me for being heartless, let me explain myself. I've already watched the movie and I cried my eyes out but reading the book and knowing what was going to happen- preparing myself for it- lessened the emotion for me and I wasn't as emotionally invested in the book (which could be seen as a good thing seeing as though it saved me from a lot of ugly tears).
Looking back at the movie, I can say that it was an extremely faithful adaptation in my opinion and only a few minor plot points were missed out. As Jojo Moyes was the screenwriter for the movie, it can be expected that the dialogue and characters were spot on.
This book was so amazing and was such a refreshing read!

Thank you for reading! Comment any of your own thoughts! See you soon,

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