Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Shadowhunters 1x04 'Raising Hell' TV TALK

This was an odd episode but I'm finding this series oddly addictive in a total guilty pleasure way. It's not the best script, or effect, or acting but... it's entertaining and funny (maybe when it shouldn't be) and I already have an existing love for these characters so I can't help myself.

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We started off with Clary having a fitful nightmare (emphasis on fitful) whilst getting snippets of memories back. She then goes off to see Jace and, wow.... we actually have a that cliche scene of a protagonist walking in on the love interest shirtless. *sigh*
After that, we have a bit of a confrontation with poor Simon... who still has and delivers the best dialogue out of the whole crew! Though, he does say the line 'come at me, bro' which.... made me laugh. As it was Simon saying it, I'll let him off.
I hate how they let Simon leave so easily. He's obviously angry and upset and he's just been through a traumatic kidnapping with vampires who have done God knows what with him? I hate that Clary and the others aren't more worried about Simon. They don't even stop to wonder whether he has lasting effects from being taken by vampires!!!!

We were introduced (is that the word?) to Izzy's necklace which sets off the events in this episode, I suppose. We find out that Magnus had given it to Camille and desperately wants it back for some strange reason... I mean, he's willing to risk his life for it! It must come in handy some when in the future.
But I was so excited that we were going to see Magnus! We haven't seen too much of him up to this point and I really wanted to judge how well the actor played Magnus.
Plus, we had a Tessa namedrop which had me semi-fangirling.
We were getting prepared for this party with Magnus and Izzy was giving Clary fashion advice which I love but.. it was a bit awkward. Izzy goes on to 'enviously' say that Clary's lucky to be so flat-chested to fit into the dress and we cut to Clary who.... so isn't flat-chested and it's so awkward/hilarious! It just didn't work!
And then Jace came in and did the whole cringy stare at Clary in the dress... it just didn't work for me. I get no real chemistry between Jace and Clary and they're getting together so quickly and obviously!
Jace is not as cocky, arrogant and douchy as he should be and.... it makes me uncomfortable!
In order to find Magnus, we need to track him and for some reason, this involves some weird tracking rune that cause Alec and Jace to stare into each others' eyes intently whilst holding hands... which was all a bit trippy.
When we meet Magnus, we have a bit of Malec tension which I love because I love Malec but... it was so obvious, again! There was no subtlety in anything they said to each other! Especially Magnus: from the 'who are you?' to the 'pretty boy' to name dropping him sleeping with Michael Angelo and so obviously glancing at Alec to see if he's jealous! Do the writers think we're stupid!? We can deal with a little subtlety and slow-burning!
We go on to do a bit of enchantment... wanting to have a chat with this memory demon and, if I was being really really picky, I'd point out that they weren't wearing red but... I'll let them off this one time.
I had multiple problems with this scene.
For starters, when they first take their positions, everyone goes to stand at one of the pentagon points, which is a very logical thing to do. Clary, however, needs direction from Jace (!!!) to find her position and he moves her an inch to the right spot! Clary can magically kill demons within days of becoming a Shadowhunter and yet she can't find a spot on a pentagon without a guy's help? There's so many things wrong with that!
I get that the memory demon would want a good memory from all of the group in exchange for Clary's memories but I think Alec's actions were stupid and nothing like the real Alec would do- he completely over-reacted! Firstly, his memory of Jace being the one he loves most is totally justified because they're Parabatai- a bond greater than anything! If Alec had just explained that as a cover up afterwards, no one would think anything of it. Secondly, Alec would never jeopardise a mission like that. Alec isn't stupid- he wouldn't put everyone in danger because of his emotions! The writers should know that at least!
And, finally, the icing on the cake is that Alec went to jump for the demon in order to retrieve his memory of Jace back... which Alec would never do!
This causes Jace to save him and get caught up in the demon himself but, don't worry, Clary is here to save him!
For some reason, Clary manages to take down a greater demon with one poke of her Seraph blade and the demon dies! Jace later goes onto to say that not many Shadowhunters could do that... heck, I could do that and I have no balance, strength or coordination!
Switching over to Simon's plot, Maureen comes over to him and says that she wants to date him but he's a bit preoccupied trying to figure out why he feels so weird and why he's craving blood. Maureen cut herself (convenient timing!) and Simon has a taste of it! Simon ends up going back to the stylish vampire den and will figure out what's going on soon? I'm so excited for more Simon screen time!
Through this episode we get a couple of scenes with Valentine but they're all a bit odd. I have no idea what was going on with the invisible people watching Valentine and why the hell one of the circle members breathed green fog and killed them? It was all a bit weird. We also had Clary sneak a peak at him doing something to Jocelyn and he talks to her a bit harshly with a very close up shot on his face... which was fun.
All in all, it was an odd episode but Shadowhunters is becoming a guilty pleasure for me because, while it's not the best, it makes me laugh and I do love these characters.

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  1. I think I need to give this series another shot. I think I only made it three episodes in before giving up on it the first time.

    1. I can't say it's the best TV show of all time but I'd recommend seeing it through to the end of season one at least.