Friday, 4 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x03 'What is Dead May Never Die' TV TALK

I loved this episode- the best of the series so far. It was quite a funny episode generally which I really enjoyed and it made the episode fly by! A lot is beginning to happen and is setting up an awesome season... if the episodes are like this now, they'll be epic by the last few episodes. I have high expectations.


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We didn't have much Jon Snow in this episode but at least we saw some of him.... unlike other characters... *cough* Daenerys *cough*.
Jon got a bit of a beating because he'd been watching a son of Craster get murdered when he shouldn't have and, after a talk with Commander Mormont, we find out that he knew about it all along.
Sam's having a swell time, though. He's getting quite tight with Gilly and, despite them only knowing each other a couple days at most... he acts like he loves her! She's obviously one of the first women to talk to him so he's instantly smitten and giving her his mother's thimble... because why not?

Over with Theon, he had a big choice to make in this episode about where his loyalties really lie- with Robb Stark or the Iron Islands. Balon and Yara share their plan to the take over Winterfell whilst Robb goes to the south for the war and.... Theon doesn't warn Robb! He burns his warning letter to Robb and chooses to stay with in the Iron Islands. I'm so annoyed! I was really starting to like Theon and his little bromance with Robb but now that's truly over, isn't it? Theon "drowns' to swear fealty to the Iron Islands and... that's as much as I can even stomach from that lot. In a show like this, there are characters you like to watch and sections that you don't and.... Theon and his family have turned into one of the plot points that I don't really care about.
We go over to Renly which I was happy with because we haven't seen too much from him and I like Renly. I have no particular or outstanding reason why: I just like guy. We find out that he's married Margaery Tyrell despite him actually being in love with her brother, Loras Tyrell- Knight of Flowers! I actually love this dynamic because it's so entertaining! Margaery is such an understanding character since she knows about the whole thing and even offers to have Loras come in to start things up when she proposes that Renly should have children. It's sort of funny and I can't wait to see more from these characters.
We're also introduced to Brienne of Tarth who won a fight against Loras and is now a part of Renly's Kingsguard. At the moment, I don't particularly like Brienne; she's a bit of a suck-up and acts all high and mighty in front of everyone. Frankly, she seems stuck-up and arrogant so... I've had an instant dislike so far.
Cat showed up to Renly with the request for an alliance from Robb and I really hope it works out. I like both Robb and Renly and it would be nice for them to work together to win Rely the throne and allowing Robb to stay King of the North. That would be swell. Please.
The most entertaining one of the episode had to be Tyrion- the clever little bugger. He's all about testing everyone's loyalty and he had a genius method to figure out who he could trust. He told Pycelle, Varys and Baelish three different proposals for marrying off Cersei's daughter Myrcella with strict instructions not to tell the Queen. So, when Cersei comes in furious about Myrcella being married off to someone, Tyrion knows exactly who told her! That's so clever! So, poor Pycelle is now getting comfy in his new cell. Good going, Pycelle, you snitch.
Tyrion has now sent Baelish off to Cat in the hopes that he can convince her to release Jaime which... Baelish is all too happy about because he has feelings for Cat or whatever. Somehow (and I have no doubt he will) he'll weasel his way to her side. I do like Baelish, though, just because he's really entertaining, clever and sneaky.
Meanwhile Shae has become Sansa's new handmaid and.... a crappy one at that. I reckon they'll get quite chummy with each other and I hope they become quite good friends because Sansa needs a friend at the moment when all she's surrounded with are enemies and psychopaths.
Over to Arya, King Joffrey's men have returned once more to retrieve Gendry and after killing friendly Yoren, Arya steps up and points to a random boy- saying that they've already killed Gendry. Well done, Arya, I knew I liked you for a reason! So now, Arya and Gendry are headed off to Harrenhal instead of the Nights Watch which means no Jon/Arya reunion...

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