Monday, 21 August 2017

Game of Thrones 2x07 'A Man Without Honour' TV TALK

This was a super amazing episode but.... that's a given at this point, right?
We saw a nice selection of characters in this episode and I'm enjoying watching all the growing bonds and interactions between everyone.... it's shaping up to be an epic finale which, again, is kind of a given...


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We'll start with Theon once more! Theon has instantly set off to hunt Bran and Rickon because his forces are so incapable and let them escape- which is a good thing. Now, at the end, Theon shows the Winterfell people two charred and hanged bodies- supposedly Rickon and Bran.
I, however, don't believe it for a second.

Theon can't trick me that easily (I really hope I'm right after saying that).
I feel so sorry for Sansa because she got her period in this episode which means she's ready to have Joffrey's kids.... just the thought of that is terrifying... mini Joffreys! I'm happy that Shae tried to hide it with her but they got busted, unfortunately. Sansa seriously needs to get out of there now. Or, better yet, someone needs to kill Joffrey already!
All that happened with Robb in this episode was that he talked with Talisa a bit more (because he is super smitten) and has invited her along on his trip in order to collect some medical ingredient.
In Robb's captivity, though, Jaime got up to quite a lot. He killed his squire and the Karstark guard in order to escape his cage.... only to get caught again! *slow clap*. Cat confronts him but he just goads her into anger by taunting Ned's affair in her face. He may be a pig, but Jaime is funny to watch.
And the product of Ned's said affair? Jon Snow, of course! (What a smooth transition into Jon's plot of the episode!)
Jon still has his hands tied pretty much with Ygritte. Again, I really loved Ygritte because she's so witty and sarcastic. It's brilliant. And, now, Ygritte is no longer the prisoner- Jon is. Surrounded by Wildlings, I can safely say that Jon is screwed big time.
Over to Arya and Tywin... is it weird that I'm liking the sorta-bond they have? 'You're too clever for your own good, girl.' Tywin definitely suspects that Arya is lying about her background. He suspects that she's of a higher heritage but he doesn't seem too cautious that she's anything as high as Lady Stark.
And finally, we have Daenerys. I feel sorry for the girl- nothing seems to be going her way! She searches for her dragons and finds out that the super creepy guy, Pyat Pree, hid them in the House of Undying. That guy actually scares the crap out of me and I'm sure it's going to be terrifying when we go to retrieve the dragons. I don't trust that guy at all.
But at least Daxos is King of Qarth now, right? He seems to be on our side...

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  1. I agree, Pyat Pree is very creepy! I watched season two ages ago and still remember how scary that guy looked.

    1. And when there's suddenly multiple versions of him everywhere on screen? I can't deal with it