Thursday, 17 August 2017

Geekerella- Ashley Poston BOOK TALK

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This book really was a love letter to geeks everywhere (aka. us). I really enjoyed Geekerella- it was quick, easy, fun and romantic read. The clear involvement of fandoms and the terminology used gave me pride to be such a mainstream fangirl and showed that we should never feel ashamed of what we love.
This is (quite clearly) a Cinderella retelling with the twist of fandoms.... we have Elle- an ultimate fangirl of the franchise Starfield and Darien- a closet fanboy who's set to play the lead in the new reboot. As you might guess, hidden identity and romance is involved.... and a whole lot of fandom references squashed in there too.

All through this book, there were references to different fandoms which was really the icing on the cake for me. Star wars, Doctor Who.... even the Vampire Diaries gave this book immediate extra bonus points. 
I liked the premise of remaking a popular movie and we had some very likeable protagonists to lead us through the story.
We started with their anonymous texting which I found super adorable.... if not a little insta-lovey. I will admit, though, I thought it was really cute when they started calling each other "ah'blena".
I love that we also see Elle growing a relationship with Sage. It was an understated sub-plot but I loved them bonding and beginning to open up to each other. By the end, they'd grown such a lovely and loyal friendship and I really appreciated this story arc throughout the book.
The main base of the book revolves around this convention and everything leads up to going there- creating a costume, getting the tickets and doing this all without the inevitable evil stepmother finding out. It feels like such an accomplishment when we get there but, obviously, we also have the nail-biting meeting of the Darien and Elle when they don't know who each other are! I really liked their meeting, though, despite it being very much an outright argument.
We eventually have the ball where Elle runs off Cinderella style while Darien connects the dots about who Elle really is. Chloe ruins all this, though, by interrupting their cute dance and causing Elle to run off. One question: why do the bitches always have to be called Chloe? They're giving us a bad-rep.
Something I really loved was the beautiful rounded joke of Darien's insured abs. Through this whole book we keep mentioning that Darien's abs are insured which seems a little odd until we have a fight between him and Brian- the douche-y old friend of Darien's that betrayed him to the press. They start to brawl and Darien just goes: ...well, at least I'm insured. It was a nice, rounded and fulfilling joke- so much so that I had to mention it.
The ending was great- I love how Sage and Calliope ended up together- I thought that was a really nice twist to the original. Darien and Elle naturally end up together which was predictable because that's the whole nature of a novel like this.
I liked the eight months later epilogue as we got to them making this relationship work.
I'll even say that I loved this book down to the author acknowledgements.... because that was really fun to read too.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. The whole convention sounds so fun in the book and I especially loved all of the different references. Definitely a book made for us geeks!!

  2. Geeks, conventions and Doctor Who. Definitely a book that I have to read someday!

    1. Yeah, I'd definitely recommend it! And thank you for following! xxx