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Shadowhunters 1x06 'Of Men and Angels' TV TALK

This episode was mainly flashback orientated which was fine but, as I've read the books and know the backstories already, it was a bit of a slow episode for me.
For me, Magnus shone in this episode (excluding Simon, of course, because he's always the best character out of everyone).

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Magnus was set the task of healing Luke today which was the main predicament of the episode.
Jace and Simon were sent to collect some extra ingredients that Magnus needed and I actually loved these scenes (mainly because Alberto Rosende is a fantastic actor and I love him playing Simon). They had a bit of a dispute which inched into a tiny physical fight (if you can call it a fight).
Simon: You treat [Alec] like a lapdog! 
You tell him Simon!!!

Simon does bet 20 bucks that Alec would leave Jace hanging but, by the time we got to the end of the episode, I had no idea why Simon was giving Jace 20 bucks! It was only when I re-watched the episode that I caught it! It was very odd and confusing.
I was also super surprised by Jace's line to Simon:
'You don't need passion when you can get by with charm and good looks.'
What charm?!?!?!?!?! I haven't seen any charm from your direction!!!
I was excited because I think Jace has suspected whatever the vampires did to Simon. He specifically asked Simon what the vampires did to him so I'm really hoping that he pipes up and says something. Because Simon is going super crazy- hallucinating Camille and his dead body.
Over at the Institute, we have Lightwood family drama.
We got to meet Max which was really exciting because he is such a cutie! It was adorable when Izzy was teaching and testing him on the runes.
We went a bit more into depth with the Alec and Izzy's relationships with their parents. Alec has a talk with Maryse spouting a lot of rubbish like 'We're Lightwoods; we break noses and accept the consequences.' while Robert gives Izzy a cookbook- which I actually found quite funny because I love the recognition of Izzy's bad cooking skills.
The Lightwoods are very focused on 'restoring honour' to the family name which has resulted in Alec having to marry for a political alliance and Izzy turning all strict. I think Alec got the short end of the stick here. I feel sorry for Alec- he's the only one who didn't want to break the rules for Clary and he's the person who's ended up paying for it.
Magnus was the first one to give Clary a brief overview of Valentine's backstory. I must say, I loved Magnus in this episode- he did really well! 'Don't think about things like that, biscuit.'
We learn that Valentine went crazy and turned against the Downworlders, the Clave and throwing Luke to the wolves.... literally. We learn about his goals to use the cup in creating more Shadowhunters and get to see Jocelyn taking the cup.
I was impressed with all the information, though, because it was nicely similar to the book. I wasn't a massive fan of how it was all dumped into one episode, however.
With Alec's help, Magnus manages to save Luke. I don't like the fact that Magnus needed help... that he was running out of magic! He's the High Warlock of Brooklyn! Why the hell is running out of magic that quickly? Why the hell is he running out of magic at all? 
We then finish off the episode with Luke's valuable insight of Valentine's backstory.
I don't know why he says 'Valentine was convinced we were having an affair.' ?
They were having an affair! He even said himself that they fell in love with each other!!
We find out that the J.C. box actually belonged to Clary's dead brother, Jonathon Christopher...
And finally Clary learns that she can shove things into paper! And she's figured out that the cup is in the tarot cards. At last!!!

Obviously, I've read the books so none of this is surprising. The tarot cards, Valentine's past, Jonathon Christopher. I just wonder how a newbie is watching it- if all these reveals are surprising and gripping for them...

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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