Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Always and Forever, Lara Jean- Jenny Han BOOK TALK

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In all honesty, I was a bit disappointed with this finale and I'm so annoyed that I didn't like it! Ever since I heard there was going to be another book, I was so deliriously excited but... this book was not adorable. It was only cute at times and it actually made me really depressed! So, basically, nothing like the other books. There were moments of the light-hearted and swoony stuff but the rest was just a build up of an inevitable doom. The characters were all acting differently and not like their usual lovable selves which annoyed the heck out of me because their decisions were so frustrating and out of character.
I spent this entire book dreading the next page instead of feeling light, warm and fluffy!
I'm just going to pretend this book never happened.
I will say, though, that I loved all the Hamilton Musical references because there were a lot and it made my heart happy.

I stand by my love of Peter Kavinsky just.... not massively in this book. The painful thing was that there were many moments when he was the usual and lovable Peter Kavinsky- the guy that made me think 'guys like this just don't exist because he's too perfect!' He was just let down by all the times where he acted like the complete opposite of Peter Kavinsky. He made so many decisions that I can't imagine him making and his mood and attitude completely turned his character.
Going into this book, I loved that Peter and Lara Jean had been together for a year because I ship them so hard and it's so nice to see that they've managed to sustain a relationship with no major drama over the year.

I also liked seeing how Lara Jean has grown so much out of her shell- she's friends with Peter's friends, she goes to parties and she's made some close friends of her own (that, granted, we don't really see much of in this book). I just feel proud to see the growth of her character.
As soon as we brought up Lara Jean's fear of not getting accepted into UVA.... it was obvious that she wouldn't! It was so predictable and set off a chain of events that I was dreading to come.
I spent the whole book scared for my endgame because there were serious moments when I thought they wouldn't end up together!
One thing that I was so happy stayed true to the first two books was Peter and Kitty's relationship. It's the cutest thing ever and I enjoyed the scenes with both of them in because it brought a smile to my face naturally.
I was happy for Lara Jean's dad and Trina- it was cute that they'd found each other- but I will say that I skim read the wedding parts of the book. I was too invested in the main plot and I didn't care about their relationship that much.
When Lara Jean started thinking of her own future and what she wanted to actually do, I got very frustrated with Peter. He acted so distant from her this whole book and he should want what's best for her! He kept getting angry at her decisions when he should- would normally- support her instead of being so selfish!
We went on to have that whole awkward scene where they so nearly did the do and...... it just made me so depressed!
I'm happy that they ended up together but, seriously, I don't think this book needed to happen.

Sorry for the rant.
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- did you like it? Stay amazing!

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