Friday, 2 September 2016

Writing Exercises #2- Colour Writing

Forenote: If you haven't read Writing Exercise #1, I will link it here for you to check out if your heart desires it.
I sort of randomly created this writing exercise myself, one random Monday morning and I figured that you might like to give it a try!
Basically, you take the rainbow (this can be as detailed as you wish- I went for easy colours) and create a short story, using those colours in order. I used one colour in each sentence as I went on. It's harder than it looks!
I'm sure I could make up some rubbish about the metaphors and connotations of colour but, honestly, I just blurted out a bunch of words and crossed my fingers that they'd made sense.
I suppose this colour exercise could work in poetry as well as short stories so have a go at whatever you like!
So, here's my example. Try it out yourself and I'd love to see the results! Good luck!

My vision blurs red as I see it. Orange flames flicker over my mind, scorching every part it touches. Only an hour ago, the yellow sun beat down and I'd previously been smiling as the heat of it warmed my skin. But I'm sure my face is green now as I stare at the scene- shock flooding through every cell. It's like an image from a horror movie and my happiness seems so far off now that blue has invaded my thoughts. The first thing I notice is how her purple shirt is ripped, straight down her arm. I'd always thought she looked better in pink but my sister was- was- stubborn with her choices. And she was also caked in mud- the brown seeping into her clothes, face and hair, making her look her like a ragged doll. Black shadows lingered under her eyes and I wondered if it was for the best. I hoped it had been quick and that she'd seen the white light, enabling her to travel to heaven peacefully. A tear slipped free as I thought of the beautiful technicolour she'd brought to my life- now snuffed out as easily as a candle's flickering flame.   

Thank you for reading! I'd love to see your try! Stay amazing!

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