Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Septemeber Wrap Up 2016

Despite September being a painfully busy month, I managed to get through a lot of great books and extremely long books (cough, cough....Empire of Storms). And a lot of them happened to be 5 star books (cough, cough...Empire of Storms).

Run- Kody Keplinger
Kody Keplinger is the author of The DUFF and has written some of my favourite books. This probably was a contributing factor to my high expectations but, unfortunately, Run didn't meet them. It was an okay book but it just missed the sass and romance that usually brings Keplinger's books to life. If I was to recommend a Kody Keplinger book, I'd definitely lean towards The Duff or A Midsummers Nightmare. I have a full BOOK TALK on Run and I'll link it here in case you want to check it out.

Beautiful Disaster- Jamie McGuire
This was so much better than I was expecting it to be!!!! An easy five stars to an easy and gripping read. Yes, it was a tad cliché and frustrating at times but it pulled these things off! It was a guilty pleasure for me, personally, just because I melted straight into the story and characters. So much happened in this book that made it feel like I'd read an entire five book series within one book. I have a full BOOK TALK linked here for you to check out all my thoughts.

Spindle- Shonna Slayton
I got sent this book for review and I'm taking part on the BOOK TOUR on the 6th October so stay tuned for a full review. This book, in a nutshell, was an interesting and original twist on a old and well-known fairy-tale. Based on the Sleeping Beauty tale, a fresh new set of characters are thrust into this world and the dangers of the cursed spindle. I enjoyed this book a generous amount but for me, it was missing something that I couldn't quite pin-point. However, I loved the fact that it was set in a historical time period because it made the world so much more intriguing and enlightening.

Shadow of a Girl- Shannon Greenland
This was yet another book I got sent this month for a BOOK TOUR review and, boy, was it good!!! This book was enlightening, empowering and too gripping for words. It had a perfect blend and balance thought-provoking issues, thriller sequences and swoon-worthy romance. It was easy to give this book a five star rating and I would completely suggest everyone picking it up. I have a full review here so you can check out the full synopsis, book links and my own thoughts on the book.

Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi
After much waiting, I have finally read this book!!!! I'm so happy! This book, in a word, was beautiful. The writing style is poetic in a smooth way that makes the book impossible to put down. It was an original mixture of superhero powers, romance and action. The characters are so lovable and the story is effortless to read. Full BOOK TALK linked here!

Unravel Me- Tahereh Mafi
Unusually, I preferred this sequel much more the first book in this trilogy. The story broadened very well and new threats and interesting developments took place. The characters have a special place in my heart because they're all so damn sassy and amazing (I'm talking about you, Kenji...). Again, I have a full BOOK TALK posted for you to read which I'll link here.

Ignite Me- Tahereh Mafi
The books gets better and better in this series and we get this epic finale which wraps everything up so stunningly! This book was fast-paced, gripping and so freaking hot!!! I loved the romance... (no spoilers)... and the writing was so consistently beautiful and perfect. Yet again, full BOOK TALK linked here!

Empire of Storms- Sarah J. Maas
I will never in my life be able to summarise a Sarah J. Maas book in one measly paragraph- it doesn't do the beauty justice!!! Empire of Storms is the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series and oh. My. God. It was stunning! I haven't posted a BOOK TALK just yet because it takes me so dang long to write because I just have too much to say!!! It will be up as soon as I can. I promise!!! Just trust me when I say that it was beyond good! It was the best in the series yet! And that cliff-hanger.....I don't know how I can ever move on!

The Good Girl- Fiona Nell
The Good Girl was September's Book of the Month and I've very narrowly finished it in time...
Technically, I haven't finished it just yet but... I'll finish it by the end of September so... Yes, I have rated it already because, as it stands, that's what I would give it unfortunately. I know I haven't finished it yet so that might change but... for now, it's two stars for me. I think it was wrong time to read it after the brilliance of Empire of Storms, but this book just hasn't gripped me at all and I've struggled to get through it. It's been a bit anticlimactic and... I didn't like it too much. Sorry. It's a very odd and confusing book and I found everything to be so strange... I wish I liked it more, I really do and I hope it drastically picks up within the last 100 pages. Here's hoping.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment any books you've read in September. Stay amazing!


  1. I never knew there was a new month called Septmeber haha (check title).
    You read so much more than me

    1. You'll forever be my proof-reader... ;)