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Game of Thrones 2x10 'Valar Morghulis' TV TALK

The season finale is here!!! We covered a lot of characters in this episode and so much happened! It was a pretty epic episode full of manipulation and deceit and I loved it! I'm so pumped for season three now! Bring it on!


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Starting with a drab Stannis Baratheon- just so we can say we've acknowledged his presence- he's off licking his wounds at the moment because he failed so epically in the Battle of Blackwater Bay. And yet, Melisandre still manages to convince him to continue by making Stannis see a vision of his success in fire.
This is exactly why I'll never root for these guys.

Over on the other side of the coin, Joffrey is basking in 'his' glory. He's tossed Sansa aside for a prettier model- little miss Margaery who is obviously desperate to become queen. I'm happy that Sansa's free and everything but.... I don't think Joffrey's going to let her go that easy.
Don't smile too soon, love....
Even Baelish warned her about what she'd now go through instead. And he offered to help her escape! And I want to claw my eyes out all over again when she refuses any help and says she wants to stay in King's Landing. Everyone knows she's lying- she's got to give it up!!!
I feel so bad for Tyrion- he's the one that basically won the battle for everyone and no one will ever give him credit for what's he done.
But I loved the moment between him and Shae with her saying that she'll stay with him no matter what. I can still see her dying in the future, though, and I'm terrified!!!!
We have a small snippet of Arya who's going in search for her mother and brother. We have a farewell of Jaqen who gives Arya a coin in case she ever needs to find him again. And he can shapeshift??? I assume we'll see him again in the future and hopefully find out why he can change faces.
Jumping over to another Stark, Robb is digging himself a huge hole by marrying Talisa when he's sworn an engagement to one of Walder Frey's daughters!!! Not that I'm one to get in the way of true love or anything.... they've known each other how long, again?
Cat sent Brienne to take Jaime back to Kings Landing which, is going as well as can be expected. I love their banter- especially Jaime deliberately trying to irritate Brienne. They come across a few Stark men and after a big of a confrontation, Brienne ends up killing all three of them and it was epic! Girl power and everything!
I suppose we have to talk about Theon and, today, I will happily do so because Theon made a right twat out of himself! As Robb has men surrounding Winterfell- thanks to the Boltons- Theon is planning to fight back with his 20 men... He goes on to make this very 'inspiring' speech, gets half way through before one of his own men knocks him out to shut him up. I've never been so giddy about a scene with Theon! Theon's men are going to take him back to the Iron Islands because, let's face it, Theon was beyond delusional thinking that he could keep Winterfell.
Maester Luwin is now dead by the hands of the Iron Island people and we had an emotional goodbye from Bran and Rickon. Osha is now the sole person looking after Bran and Rickon in order to keep them safe. I think it's interesting how vital Osha has become- she started off as a wildling who was seconds from killing Bran and now she's the reason they're still alive. I have a deep appreciation for her character.
Across the Narrow Sea, we have Daenerys on a search for her dragons in the House of the Undying. I loved this whole section of the episode- it was probably my favourite. Daenerys had all sorts of visions that the House of the Undying put on her but the most painful one was where Drogo was there with his and Khaleesi's child. They had a romantic moment and the love that they had just broke my heart!
She finally finds her dragons but they're all tied up yet adorable!!!! That creep Pyat Pree guy manages to chain up Daenerys as well but her dragons fight back with their fire and kill the guy. Finally!!
I also love the end part where Khaleesi finds out that Daxos had lied about the money in the vault in order to get her to marry him. And, as epic as she is, she locks him up in the same vault along with Doreah who betrayed her by sleeping with him.
Now the Dothraki are taking all of Qarth's gold and are going to take a ship to Astapor to get an army! Heck yes!
North of the wall, Jon killed Qhorin Halfhand in order to gain the wildlings trust a bit more. They've now reached the wildling camp which is so huge!!
We also saw some Samwell which is great and all, except he's completely and utterly screwed. Out of the blue, three horns were sounded and that can only mean one thing; white walkers. Sam is now surrounded in a giant crowd of these white walkers headed for Castle Black.
I was somewhat taken aback by how composed the white walkers were. They seemed to have order, control when I assumed they'd be raging maniacs with a not a sense in their heads but to kill.
Then it dawned on me that I've been assuming the white walkers are similar to the Walkers in The Walking Dead so...... oops.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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