Saturday, 2 September 2017

Fandom Merch Haul || Summer 2017

Because I can't really include this stuff in a Book Haul, I decided to create a brand new fandom haul every six months or so to show you guys what other random stuff I get that's fictional! I'll try and link where I got it from if you fall in love with anything so much that you need it yourself.
You'll notice a common theme in this haul... have I mentioned that I'm a new Walking Dead and Game of Thrones addict?

Warning: I will look like a major shopaholic after this haul but, remember, this has been collected over more than six months.... but I do have a buying problem.

Hamilton shirt (Redbubble)
I was given this for my birthday and I love it! I'm such a Hamilfan and this shirt is my pride and joy. Hamilton merch isn't exactly something you can find in stores so definitely head over to Redbubble- they have tons of stuff on practically every fandom!

The Walking Dead shirt (Primark)
This was a good ol' Primark purchase which I love. It's got the Daryl Dixon wings which is just perfect!!

The Walking Dead canvas print (Inside Out)
I found this stunning canvas print and had to buy because it was only £5!!! I'd really recommend this shop because they do a huge range of different fandom pictures and artwork for really cheap prices.

Friends Boxset - Charity Shop
Friends is my ultimate favourite sitcom and will forever be one of my favourite TV shows of all time. And yet, I didn't even own the boxset. So, when I found this set for only £7, I had to buy it. It's usually a lot more expensive but I got a great discount because I volunteered at the shop I bought it from.

The Walking Dead season 3+4 (HMV)
I watched the first couple of seasons when it was on demand on Sky but then they took all the episodes down and I was hooked! So, I'll be buying the DVDs little by little.

The Walking Dead notebook (HMV)
My amazing brother found this Walking Dead notebook in HMV and got for me because he's amazing and buys me gifts sometimes... yes, it's a massive shock that I get along with my sibling.

ACOWAR stuff- mention but put link to unboxing (YA Chronicles)
I also ordered the YA Chronicles ACOWAR box back in May when ACOWAR was released and received a bunch of merchandise based on my favourite book series ever. I have a full unboxing post which I'll link here if you missed it.

The Vampire Diaries Signed Pilot Script
My lovely brother went to Comic-Con this year (so jealous!!!) ad he got me the TVD pilot scrpt which has prints of the cast's signatures!! I love it so much and it's so fascinating to compare the script to the aftial pilot... they changed quite a few things which is really interesting.

Mother of Dragons T-shirt (Primark)
In June, I began watching Game of Thrones because I'd never seen it before and I could not resist buying this shirt because Daenerys is one of my favourite characters and Primark clothes are super cheap.

Game of Thrones T-Shirt (Primark)
Another cheap primark shirt because I've become obsessed with this show and need to show of my love. Basically all I ever wear is leggings and fandom t-shirts so I like hoarding a nice big collection for every fandom.

House Stark T-Shirt (Amazon)
I got this t-shirt by default. I'd ordered one for my brother as a present but, instead of sending me a men's medium, they sent a female medium. They sent another shirt for me but I got to keep the female as well. So, me and my brother have matching shirts which works because we're both House Stark.

Friends Mug (The Works)
This was actually a replacement buy. I already had a Friends mug but it smashed and I had to go replace it immeditaely. I love drinking tea and I always use this mug when i watch friends!

Ravenclaw Phone Case (Amazon)
I recently got a new phone and I deliberated long and hard over what case I should buy. I switched from the Walking Dead to Game of Thrones but settled on Ravenclaw. Nothing beats Harry Potter, am I right?

Ravenclaw Mug
My parents found this and brought it for me because the know the struggle I have trying to find Ravenclaw merchandise. There's always Gryffindor, Slytherin and now Hufflepuff has become the cool house and merch is increasing for them.... what about us clever Ravenclaws? Do we not deserve a little love?

Walking Dead Card Holder (HMV)
I'm starting college soon and needed a card holder for my bus pass and student ID. My mum found this Walking Dead card holder and I just had to have it.

Game of Thrones Colouring Book
This was another gift from my brother (yes, my brother is super nice) that he gave me because of my good GCSE results that I received.

Harry Potter Jumper (Primark) 
I actually got this in the men's section but... you can't even tell! Why should the men get cool fandom jumpers?

Friends Travel Mug (HMV)
I got this travel mug for my future bus journeys to college... everything's better with a cup of tea. This mug has so many Friends quotes and it'll perfect for what I need. HMV really does sell great TV fandom things.

King in the North T-shirt (HMV)
Again, we have HMV and again we have Game of Thrones! This may or may not be another man's shirt... I'm a Stark so the direwolf suits me just fine and I also love Robb.... perfect shirt!

The Walking Dead Jumper (Primark)
Yet another men's jumper because Primark doesn't have Walking Dead merch for women!!! I love this jumper and it'll sure keep me warm because Winter is Coming... (wrong fandom, Chloe).

Story Notebook
I know I'm prone to buying notebook for the sake of it but I got this one with a specific purpose in mind. I've just started a six week Creative Writing course in a local centre and I needed a notebook to take notes and plan my work. Yes, I probably shouldn't be doing this course when I'm about to start college and am currently knee deep in my own novel but...

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!


  1. What awesome GOT, Walking Dead AND Harry Potter/Ravenclaw stuff! All things I'd buy too :)

    1. I may have a fandom addiction problem but... I'm too far in to go back now :) xx

  2. All ready for our morning tea!
    I have that exact same notebook.
    Love Primark, how else would us fandom lovers cope without being incredibly poor?

    1. If only Primark made Ravenclaw t-shirts as well.... it's discrimination, I tell you xxx

    2. You still need to complain about that!