Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The YA Chronicles || ACOWAR Subscription Box

In all my life (all sixteen year of it, can you believe!!!), I've never had a book subscription box but this month, my favourite book's sequel came out and I couldn't resist getting a box solely dedicated to it's release.
The majority of the things featured have spoilers to the second book A Court of Mist and Fury so move forward at you own peril!! I'll have a spoiler warning up just to remind you.
I'll link the YA Chronicles website here in case you want to check out any future boxes or past boxes that you get yourself!

ACOTAR Ribbon Bookmark by Charmedfiction on Etsy 
This is super cute- it's a ribbon bookmark with charms on either end of a star and a pair of wings with roses on them. I love it so much and it's currently hanging over my copy ACOWAR on my shelf.
A Large Quote Pin designed by Evie Bookish on Redbubble 
This pin has an ACOWAR quote but it's nothing spoilery so I figured it was okay.

Now for the good stuff...

A Feysand print by Charlie Bowater 
This is such an amazing fan art and it's actually the dress that inspired the one on the front of ACOWAR! Charlie Bowater is my favourite fanart artist next to Taratjah. Go look at her other works because they are gorgeous!

Feysand Bookmark made by Readandwonder on Etsy
This has to be my favourite of all the bookmarks in this box because.... the quote, the picture, the colours is all just perfect!!! Feysand is my ultimate OTP and I will of course love everything to do with them.

An Adorable Baby Rhysand Sticker designed by Taratjah on Redbubble
Enter Taratjah!!! The only problem with this stunning sticker is that I don't know what to stick it on! If I stick it on a laptop, I'll get rid of that one day... if I stick it up in my room, it'll eventually have to be taken off when I move (granted,.... that will be years from now) but still!! I want to savour this forever!

A Night Court Tote Bag designed by Paperlyandco on Etsy
I have quite a collection of tote bags but now I can easily say which one's my favourite. This quote is a popular one and I love the Night Court symbol- I've wanted something with it on for so long!!

High Lady of the Night Court Candle created by Koolandco on Etsy
I'm not usually into candles despite them being a growing craze in the fandom world. This particular one is a\mix smell of rain, tulips, vanilla and green leaves. It's a bit of a mashed combination but trust me I say it smells gorgeous!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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