Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Walking Dead 3x09 'The Suicide King' TV TALK

I loved this episode but it played with my emotions a lot. No surprises there, am I right?
A lot is happening and all the characters are beginning to join together and find out about each other's existence which is exciting!!! A very particular thing happened in this episode that I'm not happy about but I'm 100% sure that it will resolve itself soon enough (it will just be painful until that time comes).

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I have never hated the Governor more than I have in the moment where he tried to get Merle and Daryl fight to the death. They're brothers, you sick git!! And I was nearly flipping my shit when they brought the Walkers in! No one is to hurt my beautiful Daryl!

I nearly cut someone when Merle started kicking Daryl's ass but calmed down a bit when he told Daryl to follow his lead- that he'd get them out.
It's weird; we're three series into this show and we've never seen a scene with both Merle and Daryl together at the same time- until now!!! I really don't want Merle to be a bad influence on Daryl though- Daryl's grown a lot and is a good man now.
I was so pumped when Rick and the group came to the rescue though!! Heck yeah!!!
We rendezvoused with Glenn and Michonne and boy were neither of them happy to see Merle. And now everyone knows that Andrea's alive! Yay! And... banging the Governor. Yay?
The new people seem a bit sketchy. Tyreese and Sasha seem okay but the other two are pretty much hell bent on killing everyone who had given them shelter!! No wonder our group locks up any new people.
I hate that Daryl's left with Merle- Daryl belongs with our group and I can't stand the fact that he's no longer with them- it can't last for long, surely. Stupid Merle, ruining everything.
Rick told Michonne that he wanted her to leave but... lets face it, he needs her and she is not going anywhere.
I don't like the tension between Glenn and Maggie but... they've been through a lot and they're both struggling with what's happened to them.
I felt sorry for Rick when he picked up Judith and she just started bawling- poor guy's been through enough, hasn't he?
Andrea's becoming a right little leader isn't she?
And Karen!!! We were introduced briefly to a Woodbury resident called Karen and instantly I shouted 'Melissa'!! Karen is played by Melissa Ponzio who also happens to play Melissa in Teen Wolf who is ultimately the best freaking character ever!! First Rose from The Vampire Diaries and now Melissa from Teen Wolf? Me likey! I can't wait to see more of her in future episodes- hopefully she doesn't die too quickly.
And now we have the impending attack from the Governor, no Daryl and Rick going a bit loony. He's starting to fully hallucinate Lori now and... poor guy he looks crazy!! He really needs to let her go!

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