Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Walking Dead 3x10 'Home' TV TALK

This was a very dramatic and hard-hitting episode which I liked for the most part- though some moments very much pulled on the ol' heart strings. I love seeing the development of each and every character every episode- this series is so beautifully character based and I think it works so well.
I absolutely loved the end of this episode- it was such an epic, throw-your-hands-up-in-triumph moment (trust me, I actually did that), and it finished off the episode stunningly.

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Rick is having some serious issues; he's hallucinating Lori and my heart bleeds for him! We don't even have Daryl to comfort him. One thing I love though (and I truly freaking love and appreciate it) is how Rick told Hershel that he was hallucinating and that he had a problem. Too often in TV shows- in fiction- the protagonist keeps these things to himself and then slowly withdraws into crazy town. We can't overcome your problem, if you don't tell anyone about it so thank you so much Rick for having the sense to tell Hershel- because now we can help you!! My respect for this show went up about 10 notches (and by 10, I mean 10 thousand).
The Governor is being funny- and totally not in a humorous way. I don't completely believe that he wants Andrea to lead... and damn him for lying about leaving her friends alone and then coming straight up to the prison to slaughter them. F you, mate.

Glenn hurt my heart today. He's been through so much and this rage is just consuming him! He took the role of leader like a champ but... he's not ready to lead, not in the right head space at all.
Carol and Axel had a bit of a bond in this episode which I was really starting to like (not as much as Caryl) but that nice possible friendship was severely diminished when he was shot through the head. It was a shame- I was really starting to like Axel- he made me chuckle. But now, he was reduced to being a human bullet shield for Carol. Life sucks.
We had a bit of drama with Merle and Daryl as they went off on their own. I can't believe they didn't kill each other growing up- they definitely have a sibling annoyance between them. Daryl is nothing like he used to be- it just goes to show when he went to help those strangers without a moment's hesitation when Merle reluctantly helped. Daryl is a pure soul now and Merle needs to realise that. We also got an insight into their lives before the zombie-apocalypse and... they didn't exactly have the best upbringing, which is obvious. I actually loved their fight and Daryl leaving because it really showed how much Daryl has grown and shows him for the true and good man he really is- he needed to realise that. His real family is back at the prison.
Why is Hershel always away from safety when there's a Walker attack!?!? He's all the way in the field, on crutches and Rick can't even help him because he's on the opposite side of a fence!! I was worrying for Hershel the entire time!!
Damn the Governor for showing up and having a massive shoot out- though the shooting action was very entertaining. I don't know who the hell brought the Walkers in but I want to kill them! Though, Governor, you've underestimated our team by leaving them, assuming they'll be taken down by the Walkers. They will come back to kick your ass!!!
And Daryl came back at the perfect moment!! When Rick was getting overrun with Walkers, me and my mum saw that arrow go into the Walker's head and we literally both shouted 'Daryl' and threw our hands in the air in triumph! It was quite a moment to behold!
This was such a great episode and the rest will no doubt be super stunning too- not many more to go in the series now!

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