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The Vampire Diaries 8x12 'What Are You?' TV TALK

We have an Elena Gilbert quote from season 1!! 'What are you?" I swear, that was in the previously for each episode for a long long time.
This episode was pretty generic.... until the end. That cliffhanger had me screaming out loud today in excitement because.... oh my God, I can't wait!
It was very flashback-ey episode and, usually that's fine but... it was centered around the Maxwell's and Matt so.... that made it substantially less interesting.

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The episode started greatly because instantly Alaric's here! I love Alaric so I'm always happy when he's on screen but... I hate the tension between Dalaric! They used to be my ultimate bromance but now my little heart is breaking because all they're doing is fighting and killing one another! Damn Alaric for trapping Damon when he was only trying to help his brother!!
I felt super sorry for poor Bonnie in this episode! She was in extreme grieve mode and I did a freaking double-take when Abby showed up. I forget that she even exists until she pops up every now and again!

I don't really understand completely why Bonnie is kinda witchy now but doesn't have her powers. Honestly, Bonnie's powers come and go so much that I'm getting whiplash.
We also had a Stefan guilt trip in this episode which was completely surprising and out of the blue and oh gosh, I was so shocked!!! As soon as it started, I braced myself. When he talked to Caroline, I almost broke. I love Steroline and will go down with this ship (until Klaroline happens).
It's so convenient that, as soon as our group is trying to find out what the Maxwell journal says, Cade pops up to try and take it away!
I love how Caroline comes in to save Stefan's butt- she's one of my favourite characters because she is so kick-ass with a little perky and control-freak on top- there's no better combination.
I felt so sorry for Stefan having to see that kid that was all alone because he'd basically tortured and left her mum for dead. Good thing she miraculously wasn't dead and Stefan could go ahead and begin his search for atonement.
It was weird to see Matt play the old Maxwell but.... practically everyone else has been in a flashback over the series so, it was about Matt's turn.
And Sybil!!! Sybil's is so gorgeous but evil and I love her! And where Sybil is, Seline isn't far behind. I can't explain my next note but, at some point during the episode, I wrote this;
This makes a crapload of sense.
I don't know what I was referencing but, the flashback kind of went over my head in this episode so, that nicely sums it up, I suppose.
Poor Stefan isn't haven't great times. The guy gets stabbed! I mean, I don't blame that women but... no, there's no but; Stefan kinda deserved it. Though I hate how his body now rejects vampire blood because of the cure. That is very problematic with everything that happens to these guys.
We find out that the journal essentially says what the bell does and, surprise surprise, a Bennett witch comes to the rescue when a Maxwell is useless. I like the name Beatrice Bennett- it's cool. And, she's a girl with a plan- just like all Bennett witches. I'm so happy that she was the one to trap the sirens (makes sense as Bonnie was the only one who could let them out) but she left Ethan in there?! That's awful.
And of course, the stupid Maxwell knows how to kill Cade. How convenient that we now have that journal to tell us how to solve our current problems!!!
I was frustrated when Damon took the journal (impressed at the sneakiness though) because he just took away the answer that we need. A nice dagger of glassed hellfire to destroy Cade? Nice.
Of course, later, I was bashfully apologetic because of course Damon knew what he was doing and didn't give it to Cade before finding out how to kill him. I'm sorry for doubting your genius, Damon!
We had a little Bonnie and Matt moment when he told her about their ancestors being together... don't try and push it TVD- they're totally platonic. I'll die if they try and shove in another love story.
I liked it when Damon and Stefan reunited- this show's primarily about the bond between the two brothers and it's always lovely to see heart-to-heart scenes between them. And bless Damon for lying to keep Stefan's hope up even though Cade literally said that there was no chance at redemption.
And boom! Someone takes Stefan. who the heck is that?!
Kai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited because he was the best character ever and the sassiest and oh my god my heart cannot handle this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I didn't need to edit that note at all).

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