Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Vampire Diaries 8x11 'You Made a Choice to Be Good' TV TALK

We had a few plot holes in this episode but... what's TVD without a few dodgy plot flaws! This series isn't perfect- *cough cough* beyond convenient timings- but instead of irking me, it just makes me laugh. You gotta love this show.
Beware: my sarcasm in the following review is a little overkill...

Elena Mentions: 15

Cade had a nice little convo with an unsuspecting Bonnie! Isn't he sweet?!
Stefan sure didn't stay locked up long- about as long as Sybil was. I thought we were going to have a nice humanity switch session- damn Cade for getting around so sneakily. How does Cade get around so quick anyway? Can he just... disapparate to where he wants to go? Guess there are some perks to being the Devil.
Oh, look! A time capsule! How completely pointless yet strangely convenient for the plot! We find a random cipher code thingy and, what are the chances! That's important for exactly what we need in this episode! Sometimes life is just a perfect coincidence, am I right? Th only cute thing we got out of it was Caroline's adorable letter to herself.

Enzo was having a great time this episode, fulfilling a bucket list! Oddly good timing seeing as though he dies at the end of the episode.... at least he got to skydive before kicking the bucket!!
I was getting a little ansty when Damon had to either kill 100 people or Caroline.... 100 strangers any day! I love how Damon didn't even hesitate and chose neither option- good for you, Damon. That's character development for you.
Though Matt usually irks me... he did so times ten this episode!! I hated his constant judgement of Caroline! What kind of friend is that? Caroline didn't choose this life for herself and don't think you're all high and mighty just because you're still a pure human- like you've never killed anyone.... *cough cough* Penny.
Stefan was an evil bugger today! How dare he try to kill Elena? How dare he kill Enzo? It surprised me that he chose the killing Elena option- wouldn't he be happier to kill more on a 100 innocent spree?
Dorian had a nice lesson on self-discovery randomly shoved into the episode- realising he doesn't want to be a vampire anymore. Good for him- he's turning into Matt 2.0.
I also love how we shoved his backstory within a good two minutes of this episode. Unlucky family history- boy, oh boy, what's next?
Major plot fall!! So, when Katherine had the cure in her veins, we had to drain her completely in order to get the cure... now we only need a syringe? If that was the deal before, everyone could've been human! It's stupid that we were all worrying about whether giving Cade the cure would waste the cure when, if the syringe method is right, we could've collected loads of vials of it to give to everyone. Make up your mind TVD writers!!!
And Stefan was the victim of the first syringe.... yay? At least his humanity will be back now but now he'll be all mopey for at least one episode because of everyone he's killed.
And... Enzo's dead. I wasn't really sad because I was totally spoiled for his death but... it's sad isn't it when Bonnie was planning their future together. Poor Bon Bon sacrificing for everyone. That scream at the end though was painful!
And what was that little force thing when Bonnie screamed? It was kind of like Teen Wolf Lydia's banshee scream with the power but... I have no idea what's going on with that.

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