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The Struggle- Jennifer L. Armentrout BOOK TALK

I can't believe that this is my first JLA review online! She's my favourite ever author and I read her books for the first time before even creating this blog- hence why I have no book talks. JLA is the author of some of my favourite series, namely; The Lux series, The Covenant series and The Titan series as well as many other series and standalones. She's amazing, guys, trust me- her books kick- ass with their sass levels and action. Plus.... a lot of fit men.
The Struggle is the third book in the Titan series- a spin off of The Covenant series following certain characters (aka.. all the characters but focusing on a different pair). You do have to read the Covenant series before diving into these ones but.... trust me, every book is worth it. The Titan series is a new adult series as opposed to the Covenant being Young Adult so there are some slight differences in the way it's written but still totally awesome. Don't be swayed by the cheesy romance covers- they're so much more!! JLA has the best writing style out there- it's the funniest prose I've ever encountered.
This world is centred around the Greek Gods etc. and it's just sooooo gooood!! Get to reading. Now!

The first thing I think I should mention is the thing about these books that give me the most joy and happiness in the world: Luke and Deacon. I have never read such a perfect couple that literally define the word 'adorable' with such humour, finesse and fabulousness as they do (and I know fabulousness isn't really a word but Luke and Deacon own it).
Every scene they show up in has me perpetually grinning and, I swear, I need a novella or book about these two as much as I need physical air to breathe.

This book felt weirdly different to the other books and the only reason I can really put my finger on is that there were less sexy times and less Luke and Deacon (though, I'm pretty sure which one I care about more). We were in a different setting as well and I'm so used to hanging out at the Covenant that it was weird to suddenly be transported to the Team Seth temple for the majority of this book.
We began the story with Seth having left again and, well... no surprises there. Like clever little Josie figured out, he went straight to his childhood island of Andros and I found the whole thing a bit odd. Everyone there was worshipping Seth and going a little overboard with spoiling him (though, I'll admit that if I was ever lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Seth Dio-whatever, I'd do about anything he asked me to).
And we find out that Seth's a God!! I don't know how I exactly feel about that plot twist... Seth just suddenly blinked into existence as a new God and is as powerful as two of the most ancient Gods and a Titan? It seems a little plucked out of thin air but I'll totally take it because it solves the issue of Josie being immortal and Seth still being mortal but... they can be together for eternity now! If they both live, that is.... because it's not looking so good.
The first real action we got was the fight with Hyperion. I was panicking so much for Alex because Hyperion practically just threw her away from him like she was an inconvenience! I don't care about anyone else but I gasped when she hurt her arm because no one touches kick-ass Alex and gets away with it! The last person who kicked her ass (Ares) ended up dead so watch your back buddy!
Rewind; Alex isn't actually the only one I care about- Deacon is an adorable second with a cute mess of blond curls and a sparkling personality. When he ran to try and fight as well I was seriously worrying for his life. If Deacon dies... I will never come back from it.
Oh, plus Josie was taken. Oh, yeah! I mean I'm sure it wasn't as troubling as Alex hurting her arm but... I suppose we'll feel sorry for Josie too.
Don't get me wrong; I love Josie. But she's just not Alex. It's as simple as that. If I had to choose between them... there's no contest.
Seeing what Hyperion was doing to Josie was hard... but we all knew that Seth would save her. And Seth did go a little crazy when he realised where Josie was. I think it was good for Seth's character though- he needed to realise he was wrong about leaving her to protect her.
I loved seeing Perses, though! Perses is probably the only Titan that I liked because he was so funny in Sentinel and he genuinely made me laugh! I mean, aside from the fact that he double-crossed everybody and brought back the other titans.... he's cool! I don't know what that says about me.
Seth saved Josie which was a long time coming but, what are the chances? The second Seth steps away from Josie's unconscious body after being there for hours upon end, she wakes up and finds him feeding on that sexy temple chick. What are the chances?
I'm really glad that Josie didn't straight up forgive him, though. I am so grateful because too often, characters forgive too easily and then the character doesn't learn anything and doesn't realise that they need to sort their shit out- I'm talking to you, Seth, you need to get your shit together!
It really pains me to say this- extremely pains me- but Apollo annoyed me in this book! All through the Covenant series, he was my favourite character because he's the funniest, sassiest, most fabulous person after Deacon (and don't even get me started on the cute awkwardness when Deacon ever sees Apollo). But, as much as I love Apollo as a character, he's a crappy father. While I do prefer his relationship with Alex (I'm sorry I'm biased), he doesn't give Josie the time of day and that really hurts her.
I have to talk about how much I love Alex and Aiden- a giant, humongous amount that makes me worry about how crazy I sound to 'normal' people. Every scene with Alex and Aiden has me beaming and I feel like a proud mum because they're so darn cute and I feel so much pride and love for everything they do and how much they've achieved.
And the character development in these series reduces me to tears if I think about it too much (so I'll try and skim over it as best as I can before my blurry eyes inhibits my ability to type). Seth and Alex have grown the most and it was so effortless and beautiful. If you look at Alex from Half-Blood to now.... it's just stunning. She hasn't lost herself but she's so much mature and it's such a pleasure to see her journey to becoming a woman. She deserves this entire eternity that she's got. It makes me so happy when I think that she's got that Persephone deal because she'll never lose anyone she loves ever again- and man, if no one deserves it more than her.
Seth's transformation from Half-Blood is also striking. He's so different now since he's fallen in love with Josie and seeing conversations between Seth and Alex is so bittersweet because they're so mature now and have made it through their problems together.
Now that's character development people!
I also love how Aiden and Seth reluctantly like each other- they're so subtly growing mutual respect and... an actual bond! They're reluctantly helping each other and it's so kinda awkward and kinda adorable that I love it.
The main shock, jump-up-and-down-in-delight, of the book was of course the fact that Josie was pregnant. I won't lie, I was a bit bitter (still am...) because I wanted Alex and Aiden to have a kid first but.... I'm still happy for them. (But if Alex and Aiden don't get either engaged, married or pregnant by the end of this series, so help me Gods...).
Seth's reaction was priceless- he fell on his ass for Christ's sake! It was super cute, though, and Seth took the news perfectly! I hope they have a daughter because I can so picture an overprotective Seth deciding that no guy is good enough for his daughter, I can so picture Seth popping up whenever they're kissing and.... essentially becoming Apollo without the shitty-Dad-syndrome.
But when Aiden and Alex found out... it made me really sad. We really got to understand how Aiden must have felt when he found out that Alex wasn't pregnant because.. he would've felt exactly like Seth and to have that taken away.... that thought made me cry.
We saw Caleb briefly!! I love Caleb! He's awesome. It's always great to see him and Alex together because their friendship is so pure.
We had smaller plots regarding the other demigods but... I don't really care about flower girl yet and Mitchell dying didn't effect any of my ships so... *shrugs*. Sorry. Mitchell. Your death sucks and all.
I was getting super antsy when Seth went to go and kill Hyperion; there wasn't much of the book yet and I was waiting for a pear-shaped cliffhanger to fling itself out at me and hit me in the head. Thank goodness Seth's all superior now- though I'm a little hazy on the whole 'absolute' nonsense. And it's quite easy to kill a titan now so, problem solved... if we don't mind the world getting destroyed as well.
Josie has a special power! Yay!
She'll die..... yay?
I'm sure they'll find a loop hole like they did with Alex. But I hope to God she has her kid before she dies. If Seth finds out she's destined to die... he'll burn the world down to save her. (Oops, wrong book reference. My Lux love is showing... Hi, Daemon!).

Another point I just need to tag on is a reference appreciation comment- JLA so fabulously adds in Walking Dead references and supernatural references. It makes my heart happy, it really does.

Thanks you reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!


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