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Game of Thrones 3x05 'Kissed by Fire' TV TALK

I'm going to ignore the fact that I just spent 40 minutes writing this review only for it to poof into internet air.... But here we are again! Writing this review for a second time.... sorry if this version isn't as funny or imaginative as the original was.... I suppose what you don't know won't hurt you.
Nevertheless, this was a brilliantly clever episode. I love how complex this show is because all the subplots are so intricate and it's great to anticipate and predict how they're all going to intertwine in the future.

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We had political scheming and marriage proposals in Kings Landing today.
And Baelish was at the centre of it all- wondering around like the clever devil he is and manipulating everyone to get what he wants.... man, I love the guy.
Baelish uses Oliver to seduce Loras in order to get information about his arranged marriage with Sansa which, obviously, Baelish doesn't want because she's now his easy key to the North.
So, he goes running to tell Cersei and she immediately runs to Tywin.... because daddy will sort everything out.

Tywin reveals that Tyrion will now marry Sansa and Cersei looks so brilliantly smug about the whole thing.... until she finds out that she has to marry Loras. And watching her face completely fall was a treat for any viewer.
But I can't wait to see Shae's reaction!!
Meanwhile, Sansa- still thinking she's set to marry Loras- talks to Baelish and refuses his offer to escape when he goes to the Eyrie. She's going to regret this so much and I hate to watch her make such a mistake! What the heck is she doing, getting comfortable and trusting people in Kings Landing!?
But, on the other hand, Tyrion also managed to haggle a half price deal for the royal wedding from the Tyrells. Silver linings, eh?
Over with Jaime, we had a bathy scene with Brienne where he tells the truth about when he got his hands dirty (hehe) and killed the Mad King. We learn that he actually did it in order to save hundreds of people and that he didn't do it viciously and selfishly but with a heavy hand... (Okay, I'll stop now).
I love this new bond growing between Jaime and Brienne- this uneasy trust that they're reluctantly building with each other.
We meet Stannis' wife in this episode who... seems a bit crazy-pants- what with keeping her three stillborn sons in jars... She was very forgiving, though- what with letting Stannis' entire affair go straight over her head without a second thought.
We also meet his daughter, Shireen, who has a cool scaled face which I'm sure we'll learn more about in the future. And Shireen is such a sweetheart! After finding out that Davos is in the cells, she sneaks down to him to give him company and teach him to read. Tell me that isn't the cutest thing ever!
Over to the Brotherhood without banners, the Hound and Beric have their trial by combat. The Hound ends up killing Beric who is magically brought back to life by this all-powerful Lord of Light- at least we now know that the over-mentioned god is actually real. The Hound is set free- much to Arya's dismay- and we find out that Gendry wants to stay with the Brotherhood. I'm so sad about this because I was really excited to see Arya and Gendry's platonic bond grow stronger.
Switching to Robb, we had a flurry of terrible decisions. Karstark murdered the Lannister boys they had in captivity and Robb sentenced him with death because of this- effectively losing half of his army in the process. Robb's new idea is to take Casterly Rock from the Lannsiters and to create a new alliance with Walder Frey.
Up North, Jon Snow finally does the do with Ygritte and now they're all lovey-dovey... yay. He also gives some information to the wildlings about the Night's Watch because he wants them to trust him? Or because now he genuinely wants to be on their side? Who even knows anymore?
Finally, we have my Khaleesi!
Jorah and Barristan butt heads when contemplating Dany's siege but, I have to take Jorah's side on this one. Barristan's been here, for what, five minutes? And already he's trying to shove Jorah out the way and thinks his ideas are better. Jorah's been with Khaleesi from the very start; don't undermine him or undervalue him!
Daenerys offers the Unsullied the chance to pick their own names but they all refuse- claiming that their name is lucky because it was the name they had when Daenerys Stormborn gave them their freedom. And it's so empowering! Dany's going to have the most loyal and powerful army there is!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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