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Game of Thrones 3x02 'Dark Wings, Dark Words' TV TALK

While we didn't get any screen time from my favourite character (Dany!!!!), we got a nice selection of characters and a lot of sass in this episode (which is always exciting).
I enjoyed seeing the events unfold in Kings Landing- which is turning out to be my favourite city to watch aside from Astapor or wherever Danaerys is.


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Starting with North of the wall, we had Sam struggling- poor guy. He wants to give up but Mormont gives him the order of survival and he seems to get more of spring in his step.
Jon, cosy amongst the forces of the wildlings, met a warg in this episode which nicely opened the path to learn about Bran's gifts.

Bran met Meera and Jojen (and I was fangirling because I love Thomas Brodie Sangster). We find out that Bran's a warg as well as Jojen. I don't completely understand the workings and limitations of what a warg can do but I'm sure we'll learn along with Bran as he discovers his new abilities. They're now headed North but not to the wall.... so, no Bran and Jon reunion- though that seems unlikely with where Jon is now anyway.
Theon isn't doing so well- which is consequently entertaining for me because I hate the guy. Theon been taken by a group of people that I have no idea who they are or what they want with Theon. He's being tortured quite brutally but this stranger guy, sent from Yara, is going to help him escape.
This episode, I really felt for Cat. I don't usually care too much for her- she's just a character that's there. But today, my heart mourned for her. News has finally reached Robb that Bran and Rickon are most likely dead (although we know they'e not). And watching Cat deal with this was heart-breaking. She's lost her husband, four of her kids and her last son wants to keep her in a cell for betraying him. She's been through a lot and I feel so sorry over what's happened to her family.
In Kings Landing, we have Margaery being so damn clever! I don't if she's genuinely nice or manipulative in order to become Queen but she knows exactly how to manipulate people!
We start with her introducing Sansa to her grandmother, Lady Olenna (who is the sassiest grandmother to ever grace the TV screen) and they find out what Sansa really thinks of Joffrey- a monster.
But Margaery doesn't look fazed that she's set to marry said monster.
Because she has everything under control! She has a discussion with Joffrey and it's so clever! She compliments him at the right time, asks too much and then acts embarrassed about it- she's so intelligent! And, god, does Joffrey look smitten with her!!
She's just not fooling Cersei as well. Cersei is very wary of her but.... who isn't Cersei wary of?
I'm sad that we didn't have much of Tyrion but, what we saw of him, was brilliant. It's essentially a moment with Shae where she raises her concerns about Sansa but.... it's also an attack on Tyrion when he admits that he's been with the whore Ros before in the past and when he admits that Sansa's pretty. This is a lesson to any man; you don't admit that kind of stuff in front of a woman you're with. It's was entertaining to watch, though.
Over with Jaime...... well, he's just a fountain of sass and I love it. He manages to get free from Brienne's restraints (because he's just that awesome) and they have a nice sword fight before the traveller that they'd previously let go sold them out to the Boltons (and that was all Breinne's fault).
We had some Arya in this episode and she, along with Gendry and Hotpie, stumbled across the Brotherhood without Banners who are essentially...... the environmentalists of Game of Thrones?
But, luckily, they're good guys because all they want from Arya and co. is how they escaped from Harrenhal and then they'll let us on our merry way.
That is, until the Hound shows up and blurts out who Arya is!

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