Monday, 18 September 2017

Game of Thrones 3x03 'Walk of Punishment' TV TALK

I loved this episode-it was comedy genius. There were so many brilliant scenes and it's one of those episodes that proves why this show is such a success; because it's simply amazing.


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Let's start with Daenerys for once because, for some reason, I always save her for last.
In Astapor, Khaleesi has finally bought the Unsullied but for a big price- one of her dragons. I'm not too bothered- we still have two dragons, so we'll still be epic on the battlefield. Khaleesi also purchased Missandei which I'm happy about because I've seen this girl in so many promos etc. I want to see her and Daenerys grow a really nice and strong bond!

Neither Barristan or Jorah are happy that she traded a dragon but she had a little spat at them to remind them that she is their Khaleesi and they're only her advisers. Man, know your place Jorah!
We have a small scene with Stannis- Melisandre is going off to sacrifice Baratheon blood aka. our good boy Gendry.
Gendry and Arya left with the environmentalists in this episode (the Brotherhood without banners) without Hotpie which is good because I never liked Hotpie and I think he'd have just grown to be a burden.
Talking of burdens..... Sam! (What a brilliant character change).
Oh, I love Sam but he's the class klutz, isn't he? The Night's Watch is back in Crastor's residence. after being bullied for a while, Sam goes off and finds that Gilly has just given birth.... to a son! No doubt our gallant Sam will try and save them both.
Meanwhile, Jon Snow is off with a group of wildlings set to climb the Wall which should be fun!
We started the episode with Cat's father funeral which kind of hilarious because it took forever to light the boat on fire! Comedy gold.
We also had Robb getting a tad bit irate with Edmure Tully because he lost 208 Stark men and ruined Robb's plans...... what a dunce.
Unfortunately, we had Theon in this episode. But, on the upside, Theon just proved how pathetic he is. Silver linings!
This random dude saved Theon by helping him escape, Theon then goes on to get himself captured again only to then being saved once more by the same random dude. Moral of the story: Theon's useless.
*slow clap for Theon*
But we also had Jaime- who I'm quickly growing to love!
Him and Brienne are taken to the camp of Boltons and, bless Jaime's heart, he stops Brienne from getting raped with his clever words and manipulation. Too bad his cleverness went too far and.... well, he needed a bit of a hand really, didn't he? (I hope you appreciate my well thought out pun).
And finally, Tyrion!
The first scene with Tyrion and the kings council was one of the best scenes I've ever seen on TV but I doubt I'll be able to describe it in justice. But, I found a Youtube clip of it so please feel free to watch and understand the pure brilliance of it:
They don't even speak for a good two minutes and yet you can see and understand everything they're not saying! It's pure perfection.
Now that's out the way....
Tyrion has been made the Master of Coin which may prove to be more of a nuisance than a promotion and Baelish has been sent off the Eyrie to marry Lady Arryn. Which sucks because that means we'll have to see her and her creep son, Robin, again. I get shivers just thinking about it.
We had a hilarious scene where Tyrion pays for Podrick to have some time with the whores in payment for saving his life and..... the whores actually give him his money back because he's so good! That was brilliant- especially when Tyrion and Bronn sat Podrick down for a serious discussion over what he did. Again, this episode was comedy gold.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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