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Game of Thrones 3x10 'Mhysa' TV TALK

This was an entertaining finale, bouncing into slightly happier terms from where the last episode tragically left off. Different threats are showing up and we had interesting characters meet in this episode. We didn't exactly have a cliff-hanger but the tone set up for a very dramatic season four to come.

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We start the episode with Arya seeing Robb's body with Greywind's head which must have been a pleasant experience for her. That was way too soon! Obviously the Boltons had detached Robb's head and attached Greywind's to replace it but.... that was just a graphic image I did not need to see after such a painful death.
Arya goes on to kill a Frey for badmouthing Cat and Robb and.... you have to admire her loyalty and courage- Arya's such an amazing character.

Following the other Stark we have (because Stark numbers are sure dwindling), Bran meets Samwell in this episode! It's so weird when different characters from different plots meet and I can only imagine it'll feel weirder the further through the series we get- when all the subplots are suddenly crossing paths into one giant and complex plot.
Sam and Gilly are on their way to Castle Black and Sam gives Bran and the others some Obsidian blades that he'd found- giving them a good weapon to kill the white walkers with.
Bran also tells the group a story of a Rat Cook who was turned into a rat not because of murder but for killing a guest under his own roof. The Gods apparently can't forgive someone for killing a guest and therefore, cursed the cook and turned him into a rat. I think this is interesting because Walder Frey killed his guests under his own roof in the last episode..... and I bloody hope he gets cursed for it in the future.
But now that Sam is at the Night's Watch once again, Aemon has ordered him to send out ravens to everyone seeking help with the white walker situation.
Jon Snow also returns to the Night's Watch in this episode after being on the run from the Wildlings and being shot by Ygritte a fair few times. I get that she's upset but... she didn't need to shoot him that many times! But Jon is safe now at home- Castle Black.
We had Davos set Gendry free today, which is good, but let's hope to god that the sea is calm for Gendry because he can't even swim! But at least he's away from the clutches of Melisandre- I know where I'd rather be.
Stannis sentences Davos to death for the treason but Melisandre stops him, claiming that they'll need Davos. As they'd received the letter from Samwell, they decide to go North in order to help defeat the white walkers. So, basically, they're putting the war for the Iron Throne on hold just for a moment so that they can go up North.
I wonder if Balon and Joffrey will die now- Melisandre did use Gendry's blood to curse them and Robb's dead so who's to say the others won't die soon? Not that I believe in any of Melisandre's hocus-pocus crap....
At Winterfell we find out that the person holding Theon captive is Ramsay Bolton- the son of the bastard that betrayed and killed Robb. Like father, like son, I suppose. Ramsay's father is also Warden of the North now which I love the wording of- the Lannisters don't want a King of the North because Joffrey is the only King so they restrict the title to Warden.
We also see Balon and Yara receiving a box from Ramsay with Theon's privates in. Yara (ever the protective sister) has now set off to save Theon.
In King's Landing we had a conversation between Varys and Shae where Varys essentially warns Shae to leave as she'll be used against Tyrion. Shae, being the stubborn and bad-ass woman she is refuses and says she'll leave when Tyrion tells her to. I'm just worried this decision will make her end up dead.
Tyrion has a talk with Sansa this episode and I like how they're starting to confide in one another a bit more. Neither of them wanted this marriage and they're making the best of it. And seriously, Sansa could do a hell of a lot worse than Tyrion!
Tyrion also manages to threaten Joffrey again (his speciality) and receives another hate-speech out of dear ol' dad. Tywin is constantly telling Tyrion how he's worthless and how he wanted to kill him as soon as he was born and.... I hate it.
But Jaime's finally back at King's Landing! I'm so interested to see how Cersei and Jaime's relationship moves on from here....
Finally, we end the season with the one and only Khaleesi. The slaves of Yunkai come out to support her and join her forces- calling her 'Mhysa' (mother). It's a lovely moment.
Season four is going to be so good- I'm super excited!!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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