Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Call- Peadar O'Guilin BOOK TALK

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I was a bit underwhelmed with this book. I had high expectations and, while it was a generally entertaining read with some key moments of intrigue, it didn't grab me completely.
This story was very ambitious with the world that's been created but, at times, I felt a little confused and mixed up with the action and what was happening. It probably didn't help that I skim read parts but I couldn't visualise a lot of what was happening.
It couldn't read too much of it at a time. With many books, I find I can't physically put it down but I was perfectly happy to with The Call.
Having said that, there were sections of the book that had me completely gripped and on the edge of my seat. There were fleeting moments of heart-wrenching feels and there were characters that pulled me in. It was a unique and different read- perfect for this time of year.

I found the idea of the Call fascinating but every time we went into the Grey Land, my mind couldn't catch up with the descriptions. A lot was going on, there were a lot of Sidhes jumping around and I couldn't make sense of everything that was going on. However, it was a genius idea and there were moments that were really strong and fun to read.

The first moment that really hit me was when Anto and Chuckwu were called. I didn't particularly care for either of them but when Chuckwu sacrificed himself to save Anto and called out that he was a friend.... it was powerful.
I also cared a lot about Megan. She was one of the best characters and I loved how she defied everyone when she was Called. The message slit into her wrists was genius and I respect her a lot.
The whole way through, I was hoping that Conor and Nessa would be Called together and forced to help each other but... Alas, it was never meant to be. I think I've been reading too much fiction where the asshole turns out to be dreamy because I was... rooting for Conor. You know, until he made a deal with the Sidhe to become King. You just can't come back from that.
But the moment that really had my jaw dropping was Nessa's Call. It was so unfair! If she managed to survive the Call, she'd zap back into a fiery abyss!! Talk about unlucky.
I did like her Call and how she got out but... I think more could've been explored with her journey.
And, to me, the end didn't really feel like an end (or a cliched ending, when I think about it). Sure, they stopped the Sidhe from crossing over but.... kids are still going to get Called and killed. You call that a win?
Overall, I thought it was okay but I was expecting more.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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  1. I was super underwhelmed with this one as well. I liked the premise but it just didn't flow well. I totally agree that it felt like too much was going on.