Thursday, 12 October 2017

Game of Thrones 3x07 'The Bear and the Maiden Fair' TV TALK

We had a lot of characters in this episode and a little progress for all of them. Obviously there are some characters that I prefer to others but, overall this, episode was as entertaining and epic as always.(There's honestly, no new way to say this).

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Beginning North, Jon Snow and the other wildlings are headed to Castle Black despite the wildlings not trusting Jon. Ygritte is as sassy as she always is until Jon tells here that the wildlings will never win a war against the South. Your classic relationship problems, really.
With Bran and co., we get some Osha background about her life above the wall where she had to kill her husband after he had turned into a white walker. Nevertheless, Bran is still gung-ho about going North of the wall because..... he's a very clever kid.

Over with poor Theon.... I may hate the guy but it's painful to even watch what he's going through! The psychopath that's torturing him has just cut Theon's privates off and.... Theon is not in a good state. And yet... I'm always laughing in these scenes- Psychopath is a funny guy!
Arya ran from the Brotherhood today because they'd simply let Gendry go and, while that was a very brave move, she ran straight into the Hound who now has her. But at least he's taking her to Robb to get some money off of her!
As for Gendry, I'm so happy that Melisandre told him that he's Robert Baratheon's bastard! While I hate Manipulative Melisandre, I thank her for finally telling him. Now all she's gotta do is sacrifice him....
Over with Robb, he promises Talisa that he'll visit Volantis with her someday and then we find out that she's pregnant! I think they're so cute together and I'm excited they're having a kid together!
In Harrenhal, we have Jaime who is finally heading to King's Landing. But good ol' Jaime goes back to lend a hand and save Brienne from being mauled by a bear. The Bolton's shoved her into an arena to fight a bear with a wooden stick and, bless Jaime, he jumps in to help her! Forever the hero complex.
Somehow, he miraculously manages to save her and convinces the Bolton's to let her journey to King's Landing with him. Gotta love, Jaime.
Meanwhile, in Kings Landing, Sansa confides in Margaery, Shae has a argument with Tyrion and Joffrey has a temper tantrum.... the usual.
I love that Sansa is making a friend in Margaery but I just want to warn her to be careful! She's so desperate for a friend but I want her to be wary of what she tells people.
I also understand where Shae's anger is coming from but it's not Tyrion's fault! He doesn't want to marry Sansa and she had to understand that!
And Joffrey's meltdown was aimed at Tywin in this epsiode and Tywin.... wasn't having any of it which I loved. He basically told Joffrey to grow up and it was endlessly amusing.
Finally, we have Daenerys who is as bad-ass as always. She meets with a Yunkai master and tries to negotiate the freedom of all the Yunkai slaves which... just isn't something they'll agree to. So, naturally, Khaleesi is scheming a clever way to get around that!

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