Friday, 20 October 2017

Westworld 1x04 'Dissonance Theory' TV TALK

This show is addictive. I love analysing every single scene, theorising what it all means and trying to figure out the reality of everything. There are so many questions and I will not stop watching until I have answers!


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I wanna start with Bernard because my theories on him keep piling up and everything is turning towards the conclusion that he's a host. When he talks to Dolores at the beginning of the episode, she talks about the pain of losing everyone she loves and, when asked if she would get rid of that pain, she said no because it's the last thing she has left of them.... in other words, exactly what Bernard said.
Now, how does this imply that he's a host? When asked how she improvised that, Dolores says that she improvised it from a scripted dialogue, most likely something he gave her. Which means he's also read it and probably improvised from it himself. If he is a host, I don't think he knows. I think Ford is pretending he's human and using him for information. For example, how else would Ford know about Bernard and Theresa's secret relationship.... he could've easily asked Bernard about it and told him to wipe his memory of the conversation. All signs point to Bernard being a host controlled by Ford but not knowing it.
Theory over.
So Theresa's trying to stop Ford's new narrative from happening but he's way too happy playing God to stop anything. I can't wait to see how his narrative unravels.
We had William, Dolores and Logan on their bounty hunt and... I find Logan so entertaining! I know he's an ass but he makes me laugh! They have a good ol' shoot out and Logan is all evil as he tries to convince William to fuck and kill Dolores. I also love how he openly calls them robots... they don't know that, you idiot!!! You can't just tell them they're not real! How have none of the hosts picked up on that!?
Dolores is continuing her trippy flashbacks but, other than that, she just about exists in this episode.
We spent a lot of time with the Man in Black and his search for the maze. With the help of Lawrence (who I'm liking more and more) they help this guy called Hector escape the prison in return for a few words from snake lady.... this sounds a lot more confusing than it was. They separate from those people as they're not looking for Wyatt and the reasoning behind that is.... completely lost on me.
Hector, on the other hand, storms the Mariposa for the safe and I remembered all too late that we've seen this before! We've seen him take the safe in a previous episode and I had no clue it would come back to play a bigger part. And then he meets Maeve.
Maeve is one of my favourite characters. She's going through a similar situation to Dolores but while Dolores is crying about it, Maeve is finding answers, being smart and even cutting into herself to figure this all out! She's much more bad-ass.
Maeve has flashbacks of the tech team in suits when they healed her from being shot... but they didn't take the bullet out which is essentially their downfall. Maeve sketches the tech team so that she won't forget and ends up finding a collection of these drawings.... it was such an effective and chilling moment but further proves that Maeve is a lot smarter than Dolores.
She gets Hector to help her cut the bullet out of her- proving she's not crazy or making it up. I'm so excited to see where they go next after this revelation!!!
This has been one of the best episodes so far, for sure.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- any theories? Stay amazing!

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