Thursday, 5 October 2017

Westworld 1x03 'The Stray' TV TALK

I'm quickly getting sucked into this show- sure, at times I have no clue what's going on but that makes it better. I'm obsessed with watching reviews and theories after each episode because the story's so compelling! There are many unanswered questions and I can't wait to figure out who's behind everything. I love being able to analyse everything that happens...


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Starting with Dolores, she really began to stray from her loop in this episode. She has her regular meetings with Bernard (I still can't figure out what he wants with her....) and he gives her Alice in Wonderland to read. The parallels are interesting and it spurs even more flashbacks. She wants to run away with Teddy but after she comes back from a talk with Bernard, she's thrust back into the loop of her parents being killed. This time, she somehow overrides the code not to kill anyone and she shoots the invader, managing to get away. She remembers her old dad for a split second before running away.... straight to William. I'm excited to see what happens now that she's completely out of her loop and beginning to remember concrete things about the past.

Nothing much happened with William. Interestingly, he got shot at the beginning and it hurt him but didn't kill him which confirms a few things about the weapons only 'killing' the hosts. William wanted an adventure and met Dolores properly which is exciting.
Now onto Bernard who I find so interesting... I have many a theory. He talks to Ford and we learn a little about Arnold and an old code that may be peaking through in some of the hosts? We learn that Arnold helped run the park and went delusional when he thought the hosts were becoming self-aware. Apparently he died in the park but I don't know if I believe that... maybe the Man in Black???
Back to Bernard, I think it's quite plausible that he's a host and that Ford is controlling him... it would explain so much! He also has a flashback of his son and how he died and the only other characters that have been having flashbacks are Dolores and Maeve.... who are hosts. 
And Maeve is having serious flashbacks. She's beginning to see what happens everyday and I'm just waiting for her to pass that phrase along... These violent delights have violent ends. I wanna see this thing spread!
We see a bit of Teddy on his own and he's given a new storyline- a backstory of sorts. He goes off to hunt this new villain Wyatt and is attacked by those animal things? I honestly have no idea what they are and what they came from. Were they planned? Poor Teddy, always dying in miserable ways...
And finally we had Elsie and Stubbs search for the stray host in the park. They find out that it's malfunctioning, put it in sleep mode and go to cut off it's head. I don't know why they wanted it's head... to examine it somehow? The host woke up from sleep mode in a similar fashion to Maeve and ended up bashing it's skull in. My first thought is that it was to hide something? If they were going to take his head, maybe the host was consciously destroying something so they couldn't find it?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- any theories? Stay amazing!

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