Tuesday, 24 October 2017

October Book Haul 2017

Not many additions to my collection this month but as Christmas draws nearer, my book buying always decreases as I kinda need the cash to buy presents for people...

The Sun and Her Flowers- Rupi Kaur
I flicked through this in the book store, wondering if I should buy it and, when looking at a couple of the poems, I knew I had to own it. I'm not a massive poetry reader but glancing at this collection had me really excited to pick it up. The poetry looks really elegant and relatable.

Creative Journal 
I finished a Short Story Creative Writing course this month and one of the people there got me this as a gift because she knows how much writing means to me and thought I would like it. This was such a lovely gift and it will be really fun to wade through all the exercises and activities.

Whiskey Words and a Shovel: Volume 1- R.H Sin
After buying the sun and her flowers, I was on a real poetry kick and went to Waterstones specifically for poetry. This book caught my eye and, after flicking through it, I really liked the poems- similar to Rupi Kaur's style. I decided I'd give it a try and poetry books are going to be really useful in November as I'm doing Nanowrimo and will need quick and easy reads.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- what books did you get this month? Stay amazing!

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