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Game of Thrones 4x03 'Breaker of Chains' TV TALK

A lot happened in this episode- we were flitting between so many characters and it kept the plot pace fast and exciting. I loved seeing so many characters and getting ideas of what everyone's up to... everyone has a motive and scheme in this show and it's the best thing to watch.

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Daenerys was sure successful in this episode but... when isn't she? (Or am I tempting fate by saying that?) Khaleesi and her army have made it to Meereen and Daario wins a fight with their Champion for her. I quite liked this fight- Daario barely moved and won the whole thing!

Daenerys has now given the slaves a choice- they can stay with their masters or come with her and be free people.
Meanwhile in King's Landing, everything's in disarray after Joffrey's death and poor Tommen is realising that he is now the future king. Tywin gives him a bit of a reality lesson of what being King entails and I feel sorry for the kid- he's all sweet and innocent and never thought he'd be king.
Tywin asks Tommen what he thinks makes a good king and Tommen comes up with: holiness, justice and strength. Tywin goes on to explain why each King like that failed and it reflects interestingly on our characters at the moment. Stannis is holy but I doubt he'll ever sit on the Iron Throne. Daenerys fights for justice but she's nowhere near reaching the throne yet. And Robb had strength but is now dead. The parallels are so interesting in this section, I think.
Tywin is also busy enlisting Prince Oberyn's help- giving him a place on the Small Council.
Tyrion is currently in a cell and awaiting his trial in a fortnight for supposedly murdering the king. He got a visit from Podrick (I love Podrick so much- he's so adorable!!!) and Podrick is as loyal and perfect as ever as he refuses to speak against Tyrion for money or even his life. Got to admire the guy.
Sansa is also a key suspect because she ran away which does look suspicious but, of course she didn't do it. She's now on a ship in Blackwater Bay with none other than Baelish! We find out that Baelish is the one to kill the King and.... I just love it! Sure, I don't want Sansa with him because he'll no doubt use her for his own gain but... he's so damn clever and devious that I can't help but love him!
I feel sad that Jaime's falling back into his old ways- we made so much progress with his character when he was away from Cersei and King's Landing. It feels like we're taking a huge step back in character development. He rapes Cersei next to Joffrey's dead body and I just wanna slap some sense into him!
We also saw Stannis in this episode and he's not in the best place at the moment. Soon his claim to the throne will be forgotten and they have no gold or army to do anything. Davos has an idea, though and sends a letter to the Iron Bank... should be interesting.
Over to Arya, her and the Hound are taken in by a nice man and his daughter and what does the Hound do? He takes their hospitality and then robs them blind- claiming they won't live through winter. What a nice human being.
Finally, up North, we have the wildlings that attack a small village and kill everyone apart from a boy that they send to warn the Night's Watch. I hate how brutal Ygritte is- killing everyone in her path. I suddenly have no sympathy for the wildlings' cause.
Sam sends Gilly to Mole's Town in order to protect her from the men of the Night's Watch and, bless him, he's doing his best.
Jon and the Night's Watch are left to debate whether to go North of the wall and kill the mutineers at Craster's. The mutineers know the truth about the Night Watch's numbers and defences and if Mance gets to them first... they're screwed.

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