Friday, 31 March 2017

The Walking Dead 3x03 'Walk With Me' TV TALK

This was one of those slower episodes that I kinda got frustrated with because it focused entirely on the wrong characters and the wrong place on earth. I understand why it was needed and how it will set up future issues but.... it must be against the law to not have a single second of Daryl in an episode. I missed our usual gang and am hanging onto the hope that we'll see them next episode.

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We finally found out who was in that helicopter- though they didn't last long- but I still don't know where they came from and I need to know!!! It's the closest thing we have to a military presence.
Michonne and Andrea were the leading ladies in this episode and... sure, they were okay to follow- I just prefer our group better.
I'm definitely liking Michonne- she's very cool with her pet Walker and bad-ass katana- I'd want to be around her in a zombie apocalypse, that's for sure. It's obviously been 8 months since they met so it's weird to see how Andrea and Michonne have such a good friendship when we've only seen them on screen together for two minutes.
As soon as I heard his voice, I knew it was Merle. The damn bastard doesn't die!! I have to be honest, though, while Merle used to irritate and frustrate me to the moon and back- I hated him- he doesn't bother me so much anymore. He actually made me laugh quite a bit in this episode and I totally understand him wanting to find Daryl again.
Also, he has such a cool hand-knife thing to replace his chopped off hand. It's efficient, easy to carry around- good thinking, Merle.
We were introduced to the town of Woodbury and.... it's good but if feels a little too good to be true. Everyone's overly happy, cheerful and clean. It's just weird to see amongst out usual, fight to the death, covered in blood days.
The Governor is also very suss. He's that too charming, too amazing guy that everyone loves but will end up being a psychopath for sure. And, oh lookie! We find out that he's a psychopath with heads in fish tanks!!! That didn't take long to uncover.
I hate how easily Andrea is falling for everything. She's so desperate for a safe haven that she's dismissing some very suspicious and dodgy behaviour! The Governor says one line to her and it's like she's got a crush on him! After her fling with Shane and now the Goveror, I think it's safe to say that Andrea has a bad taste in men. Thank God, Michonne's got her head screwed on straight.
I don't know what the Governor's team are up to- killing people, but it's not good and the girls have to get away from this creep as quick as they can

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