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Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy- Cassandra Clare and co. BOOK TALK

It took me weeks to read this book and each novella review will be quite quick and abrupt because... I didn't take sufficient notes and I don't have too much to say about it. Plus, I skim read the majority of the book so didn't completely get a few of the stories.
I've been so busy lately, I promise!! I've been in such a bad reading slump and now that I've finally completed this book, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things.
This review is very jumpy as there are so many characters and plots to jump to and from but.... it was the random scrabble of my thoughts.
I wouldn't say you need to read this before Lady Midnight (I didn't) but it does give smaller details that may make lady Midnight all the more better (though it was stunning anyway).

Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy
This was quite a generic story- we were basically being introduced to the academy and the new characters.
I hated that Simon didn't have his memories as it's my biggest pet peeve- we have to relearn everything all over again!
I understand where it came from but Isabelle was acting very stroppy and controlling at the beginning of the book- like she could force Simon to go back to how he was.

The Lost Herondale
This story went over my head a bit but the jist is that Catrina saved Tobias Herondale and now we have a stray Herondale running around... This does lead to Lady Midnight but I won't go into those spoilers.

The White Chapel Fiend
I loved seeing Jace again. He was as hilarious as always and I loved seeing his banter with Simon once more. The way he called Simon 'wiggles' made my life so happy!
But the best part was seeing Tessa and Will once more! They're my OTP!
I liked how we explored Jack the Ripper- that added an interesting aspect to the story.
Jamie was the cutest kid! He hates ducks and I found the whole 'spoon!' ordeal so freaking adorable. two year old Jamie is the most adorable kid in the world.

Nothing But Shadows
But as he grew up, James completely reminded me of myself. He's very introverted and loves to read (no surprise with Tessa ad Will as parents) and everything he did evoked a strong relatable feeling with me.
It was sad to hear that Henry isn't doing too well because I love him.
I didn't like Matthew Fairchild at first but he grew on me as the story progressed.
I loved how Will makes the tiniest excuse up in order to see Jem- it's the cutest thing ever. No one was even hurt and he decided to go and see the Silent Brothers just in case they did. It's the biggest and best bromance in the world.

The Evil We Love
I glazed over this story for the most part. I don't particularly care about Robert and skim read this novella. However, it was interesting to see the circle, how manipulative Valentine really was and it was heart-breaking to see Robert completely reject Michael. Asshole.

Pale Kings and Princes
This novella was Helen's story and it was a specific one that helped set up for Lady Midnight.
I liked how we had a Sizzy date in this story and I love how they're starting to become more comfortable around each other once more- especially Simon.

Bitter of Tongue
Simon, as amazing as he is, obviously gets captured by fairies and I love how Izzy saved him so effortlessly.
Seeing Mark and his struggles was another set up for Lady Midnight but... again, no spoilers.

The Fiery Trial
This was personally one of my favourites just because I love Simon and Clary's relationship and the idea of them becoming parabatai makes me so happy.
This was another major set up for Lady Midnight that made me want to read it all again! We see how much Jules actually does for his siblings at such a young age.
We also clearly see how hesitant Julian is to go through with the parabatai ceremony. It was so obvious that he had doubts and I'm so annoyed that he ignored them! The way he said 'I just want to get it over with' and how he disappeared for 'air'..... my heart bleeds for the guy because I love him so damn much and know what happens in the future!!!

Born to an Endless Night
This one was for all the Malec lovers out there.... so, everyone.
I loved seeing their relationship again because they're naturally so gorgeous.
Alec has always been one of my favourite characters and I loved seeing how much he's grown- he's much more confident and secure in himself which I loved. I was surprised how he seemed more into the adoption than Magnus, though! He immediately wanted the kid when old Alec would've squirmed at the thought of a baby!
We also had Simon declaring his love for Izzy in this novella which was about time!!! Izzy totally knew that already!

Angels Twice Descending
I loved how Simon got his memory back but that triumph was a bit over-shadowed by George's death so we didn't really get to celebrate it...
I'm sad that George died because he was my favourite student but... at least he's got Jessamine.
Simon taking on the Lovelace name is perfect- a lovely ending.

Thanks for reading! Which was your favourite novella- feel free to comment. Stay amazing!

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