Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x07 'Pretty Much Dead Already' TV TALK

This was an amazing mid-season finale! There was so much happening- so many plots going in different directions. The anticipation was built up so high and the ending was so heart-punching (though, I'm amazed I didn't guess it).
This is another personal favourite of mine- though, I am saying that an awful lot...

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The funniest fact that we've learnt in this show is that Glenn really can't keep a secret. He tells the whole camp about the barn full of Walkers- and rightly so, they all had a right to know.
Shane is so damn sketchy! One day he's going to end up killing Rick or Dale. Speaking of Dale, he had some guts confronting Shane about Otis like that. I quite like Dale- especially as he's the only one who realises just how cunning Shane is.
We see how Hershel and the others got the walkers in the barn- they're so stupid why are they trying to protect these dead people who are trying to eat them?!
Shane was such an idiot for opening that barn! He always goes off on temper tantrums and does something stupid that puts the rest of the group at risk. If there were enough of them, the Walkers could've easily overrun the camp and ended up killing someone. (Although, I did love how our group all lined up and let the shooting commence- we had a nice ol' shoot-out).
Of course Sophia was in there!!! They've spent so long looking for her- they most definitely would've found her if she'd still been out there.
My heart broke at the action of Daryl holding Carol back from her daughter! He genuinely wanted to find her too and it must've hurt him as well.
It was obvious that Rick would be the one to shoot Sophia- he feels responsible for her death when, frankly, if he hadn't left her alone in the woods, they'd probably both be dead. No one else made a move to help Sophia in the woods so sometimes I think his guilt is a bit much for the situation.

I'm so excited for the second half of this season- if it's as good as this one, it'll be amazing!

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