Friday, 3 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x02 'Bloodletting' TV TALK

This episode was focused mainly on building tension and... was utterly successful. The cliffhanger from the last episode drove this one forward and kept the gripping factor running.
We met new characters which was exciting- we don't want to see the same old faces, do we?- and I loved some of the new characters- mainly Maggie who has had such an awesome introduction.
I'm interested to see how this new possible safe haven will go for the group but I still hope we get just as many Walkers!!
Yet another cliffhanger ended this episode but, lucky for me, I didn't have to wait a week to resolve it.

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We started with another flashback and I am loving these things! It's so interesting to see their lives before the zombie apocalypse and seeing little Carl's face fall when he found out that his dad had been shot? The scene really tied in nicely with this episode which made the whole piece a lot smoother and maybe more emotional- we now have to see Carl himself get shot.
We meet a new family in this episode and... I like them! The reasons why I'm hecka excited to see more of Maggie are threefold- A) I've heard a lot about her in The Walking Dead community and she's on a lot of merchandise which means she's here to stay and we'll learn more about her character, B) she is bad-ass. She just burst though on that horse and batted a Walker in the head like it was no big deal- which was awesome and C) the actress who plays her is Rose in The Vampire Diaries (which is my all time favourite show, thank you very much). I can't wait to see more of Maggie- bring it on!
It's lucky that we have a medically trained person treating Carl- who cares if he's a vet? It's better than nothing. We're lucky to have found him in the first place.
The search for Sophia isn't going greatly and I'm not sure they'll find her now- if she was alive, surely she'd have made her way back now. Or they'd have found a trace of her at least. It all seems a bit hopeless. But at least we have Daryl to give hope and keep morale high! (I'm being sarcastic).
But with every episode, my love for Daryl grows- he's awesome! He's kick-ass, blunt and genuinely just makes me laugh. When he popped up with that huge bag of tablets for T-Dog's infection, every one looked so surprised while I was just like 'Of course! Daryl's a walking pharmacy, why not?'. I was legitimately amused by the whole bizarre situation.
It was heart-breaking to see Lori and Rick worry over Carl but... I'm pretty sure Carl will survive. I think I've seen him in pictures for future series so... I can't see him dying.
Shane and Otis- the brave idiots- went on a nice little escapade- all gung-ho about saving Carl. Well, that went well! The idea of using those flares to distract the Walkers was clever but how the hell did they think they were going to make it back? I would've brought a spare flare or two with me and chucked them out before making a run for it. But you big brave men can make on your own, can't you? Idiots! The Walkers were already surrounding you- why didn't you kill a few at least!
That fence is not going to hold so they essentially have two options. 1) Shoot your way out- though it's doubtful that they have enough bullets or 2) wait for someone to save you. But you don't have much time so... I don't know how likely that will be.

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