Friday, 17 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x12 'Better Angels' TV TALK

This episode lulled me into a false sense of security in exactly the same way others have done in the past. It seems like quite a boring episode to start with- the first 30 minutes was quite character based and not much really happened. And then.... they slam everything on us in the last ten minutes!! It got so bloody good and.... I'm so happy!!!

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I've sort of split this episode into two sections; the mundane part and the epic part.
Mundane Part
Everyone was mopey again. They were all mourning Dale and it was all a bit too sombre for my taste. It gave the beginning quite a sad mood.
Hershel finally let them move in which was about time!
I felt so sorry for Carl in this episode- he thought that it was his fault for Dale dying and, while that is kinda true, it's sad for him to think that- you're not supposed to tell the kid that it is his fault. 
Lori apologises to Shane in this which was heart-felt for me. I may hate Shane with a vengeance but he does care for Lori and vice versa. We needed this scene- especially for how this episode ended- it tied everything up.
Epic Part
Shane, you bastard!!! It was clever, setting up Randall and managing to get Rick alone. In theory, it was a good plan but obviously someone was going to realise!! Shane is not sneaky enough to hide the fact that he wanted to murder Rick- the group would've found out if he'd gone along with it, the prick.
Shane had to die. It had to be done! It was such a tense and emotional scene and you could just see how much it killed Rick to do it- Shane was his best-friend! Shane is simply delusional and, if Rick hadn't killed him, Shane would've killed him, taken Lori and Carl and replaced Rick as the leader. We don't need that type of corruption!
It was heart-wrenching to see Rick trying to give Shane every chance to back off. He gave Shane so many chances to redeem himself but the bastard was too greedy to take it! I'm so happy that Shane is dead- it would never have worked out with the both of them alive. The better man lived.
And who would've thought? Rick can kill a human after all!
I'm also thrilled that Carl shot Walker Shane!! For once, the kid shot at the right time!!
But, ohmygodohmygodohmygod, that cliffhanger!!! There is a giant-ass herd of Walkers heading straight for an exposed Rick and Carl! Stupid gunshot that lead them there- even in death, Shane is the bane of our existences.
I was screaming at the sight of the Walkers!!
The finale of this season is going to be epic!!!

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