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The Walking Dead 2x13 'Beside the Dying Fire' TV TALK

This has to be one of my favourite episodes of this entire series. This was an epic finale!! The last episode really left on a cliffhanger and set us up for this one beautifully. That means we jumped straight into the action and, boy, was it so good!!!
The episode was so intense to watch and the background music was on point- creating such a panicked and devastated tone to the events.

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The flashback (ish) was a cool starter. I had no idea how the Walkers had made it to the farm- especially that amount!!! It also built up tension brilliantly because I needed to see what was going to happen to the group!
It was a very 'they're behind you' situation to begin with. Rick and Carl were wandering along- not a care in the world- and I'm screaming at them to look around and see that they're surrounded by Walkers!!
The herd of Walkers was super scary- there were just so many! It was so intense because the number of them was massive and the panic it set on the group was terrifying to watch.
It was miraculous that Rick and Carl made it alive and it was so sweet when Rick told Carl that he loved him!!! He obviously thought that one of them wouldn't make it!
I liked the shoot out, though. Everyone started their shooting practice and we took out a good load of Walkers- not enough to make a dent, though, there were that many.
I found it funny that Andrea risked her neck to save Carol (well done, Andrea, by the way) and then they left her because they'd thought that she'd been taken down by a Walker.
We had a few side character deaths- Jimmy, Patricia- but I can't say I was overly bothered because I didn't care about them and everyone I wanted to live lived.
My heart soared when heroic Daryl came charging in on his motorcycle to save Carol!! I still don't know if I ship them or not but it was so freaking cute and I know I love Daryl!!
I really thought they'd drag out the plot of not being to find each other- being split up. That was major worry for me- I thought we'd end the season by being split up and trying to find each other whilst struggling to stay alive. But, five minutes later, everyone miraculously showed up at the same place at the same time- how convenient for the plot!!
I don't know how the hell Andrea is still alive. She must've been running for so long and there were so many following her! I may not like her too much but I have to respect her for forging onwards by herself when everyone simply ditched her.
And oooooohhhhh, we have a new character!! I have a few ideas on who it could be because I've a few names and seen a few faces that come up in future seasons. This Michonne chick I keep hearing about maybe? Nevertheless, she (I'm assuming it's a she) has an bad-ass sword and thank you for saving Andrea!!!
We have a lot of tension within the group about what to do. Rick dropped the bombshell that they were all carrying this infection that will turn them into walkers when they die but... I'd thought that from the beginning! I think it was supposed to be some revelation for everyone but, from the beginning, I'd assumed that everyone would become a Walker- bite or no bite. If you get bitten you just die sooner. That's what I'd always assumed. And I know we recently got proof through Randall and Shane who weren't bitten but... this revelation wasn't surprising to me because I'd thought that from the beginning.
But with this 'secret' that Rick kept from the group, everyone started to distrust him, argue and question his leadership. So what does Rick do to quell this uprising? Well, he tells them that he killed Shane and that this is no longer a democracy. Basically, he says that he's in charge and that he controls what everyone does. What a great job, Rick! Now they'll all love you again!!
Shane's death has really shaken Rick and I think that now he's killed his humans- his best friend!!- he'll be a much grittier character with a dark streak as opposed to this do-gooder we've seen all the time. He's definitely toughened up and, now that he's harsher, I'm so interested to see where his character will go in season three.
I don't know why the group are hating Rick so much for killing Shane. He had no choice!! It was either that or he'd be dead and they probably would be too!! Would they rather have Rick let himself be shot?!? Daryl seems to be the only one who looks willing to stay by Rick's side and thank god for that. Daryl is the sensible one- Rick has always done right by them and he has to make tough decisions like they all have- and he respects them! Another reason to love Daryl!
There's a (maybe) safe haven right near them?!? How did they not know about it before!! I can see them some when finding it because, why else would they include it in the show?
And is the new stranger from there? Is that where the helicopter's from? And then that's the reason why it lead the Walkers' to the farm accidently? Or is it Randall's group?

So many questions!!1
I can't wait to move onto season 3 and to continue this addiction I have!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thought! Stay amazing!

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