Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x01 'What Lies Ahead' TV TALK

I am so excited for Season 2. If this first episode is any indication- it's going to be awesome. This episode had everything I love about The Walking Dead- action, tension (unbelievable tension), gruesome parts and even a little bit of drama!
This episode was so well paced and there were many parts where I was literally on the edge of my seat. I don't consider The Walking Dead to be very scary anymore... but that doesn't mean that the gore and thrill isn't there still.

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I was so tense through the first section of this episode. If Rick had fired on that first Walker- they'd all be dead- it was that close! The herd of Walkers going past the group was so terrifying and I kept muttering 'shh shh shh' through the whole ordeal.
I thought for sure that T-Dog was dead but good ol', smart Daryl comes to the rescue- yes, I actually love Daryl! I also thought Andrea was dead for sure but... the girl knows what she's doing with a screwdriver.
I don't blame Andrea for wanting to kill herself, though- it's her choice in the end.
Poor little Sophia! If I was in her position, I would be terrified but at least I would've made my way back to the main road in order to find the group! I know she's only twelve but how the hell did she get so far without them being able to find her!
I loved it when Rick and Daryl went to look for her and basically cut open a Walker to make sure it hadn't eaten her!! Oh, it was so gross but I found it so comedic and I don't know why!
I found it incredibly ironic that they killed a bunch of Walkers in a church- right in front of JC.
I have no idea why they went straight to that bell, though! I was telling them the entire time 'shouldn't you be moving away from the big noises that are going to attract hundreds of Walkers straight to you?' But no, they don't listen to me.
I don't know if I can see Shane leaving their group. What does he think he's going to achieve on his own with no back up? At least Andrea would be able to watch his back- though she'd probably kill herself soon enough, anyway.
Every step that Carl took towards that deer, I was expecting a Walker to jump out and bite him or something. Turns out I was wrong- he got shot instead. By who, I have no idea but I'm excited to see next episode!

Overall, it was an amazing start to the season and I can't wait to continue it!!
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