Monday, 13 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x08 'Nebraska' TV TALK

This was a dramatic episode and... a stupid one. The episode itself wasn't stupid but these characters can sure make some illogical decisions. Nevertheless, it was exciting and had a nice balance of tension, action and drama (as always).

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From the very beginning, I was suspicious of why Beth was ill. I was convinced she'd been bitten by a Walker but... maybe I'm getting a bit too paranoid with this program.
I love the fact that Lori is now suspicious of Shane as Dale planted the seed that Shane murdered Otis. Shane is a loose cannon and, in the future, is either going to kill someone or get himself killed. I can't see him being with us too much longer- which I'm oddly happy about!
We had a funeral for Sophia and co. this episode but I was surprised that Carol didn't attend it- she may regret that in the future.

We had another little Glenn/Rick mission and I loved it! The two work so well together and always manage to get out of things alive. We had to find Hershel who had stupidly gone off on his own with no backup. Well done, Hershel.
The two men that went and joined our group in the bar- Dave and Tony- were suss straight away. Dave reminded of Kai from The Vampire Diaries which made him instantly psychopathic by association. The conversation was tense and, bless Glenn, who would fail if he ever got tortured for information because he's perfectly happy telling everyone everything- he couldn't even lie to two strangers.
I was surprised that Rick shot them! He's usually too goody-goody and close to his moral code for murder but...times change, people change.
I'm so shocked that Maggie loves Glenn already- which is odd seeing as though I love Glenn so much already. I mean, obviously I ship them and love them together but they haven't known each other long at all! I know he's amazing and all that, but isn't that a little quick?
Lori was the stupid one this episode. Oh, I'm pregnant, but I'm going to travel alone when it's nearly dark to try and find the others- without telling anyone where I'm going!! *Facepalm* She should never have done something so reckless- think about Carl and what he would be like if something happened to her! The car crash was insane. She could've died- or miscarried!!

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