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The Rose Society- Marie Lu BOOK TALK

Words can't describe how amazing I found this book. The second instalment in The Young Elites trilogy built up beautifully and submerges the reader into epic fantasy and action!
A lot of people found this book hard to read simply because of how dark it is but I loved that about the story! The darkness and evil undertone of this entire novel is captivating to me. I didn't find it difficult to read at all- I flew through it.
We meet new characters in this books and ships are definitely tested!! There may be a bit of a love triangle... but that doesn't bother me at all because I am fiercely on my ship but have no idea if it'll be endgame or not! At the moment, I'd say yes. Surely. But maybe not. No. I have no idea!
This book is filled with brilliant plotting and ends with a stunning and breathtaking battle of forces. In this trilogy, you have no idea who the hero is and who's the villain- everyone is an enemy, even ourselves.
Would most definitely recommend!!
The Young Elites- Marie Lu BOOK TALK


Adelina is such a controversial character but I love her. Like I said in my The Young Elites Book Talk, she is evil and dark but that makes her human! It's so boring having countless selfless characters- it's nice to read a refreshing a dark character!
I liked seeing the dynamic between the sisters in this book- Violetta and Adelina always stick together and promise to do so- which probably makes the ending even more heart-breaking.

From the beginning, their first plan was to find Magiano. And, I'll say it now, I love him!!! I love sassy, dashing and naturally charming characters that call the protagonist things like 'my love' and so Magiano instantly stole my heart. He was so loveable and I really started to ship him with Adelina (massive shipping rant to come further on in this review). He also has the coolest power- he can have any but the only con is that he has to be close to them.
I loved their race to find the pin and the result of killing the Night King! It was such a fun section and I enjoyed their bantering so much!
I really grew to dislike Rafaelle in this book. I don't know why- I think maybe because he's against Adelina and I'm protective towards her? Everything he did just irritated me and I can't think of him in that fun Kenji/Magnus Bane way again.
We learnt more about the past between Mauve and Lucent and do I ship them? Of course I do. I reckon Lucent may die by the end, though.
Throughout this book, I felt more and more pity for Teren. He's infatuated with Giulietta! He's so blind in his love for her to see that she's using him. She whips him for disobeying her and he goes on to say that it's is one of the things he loves about her! It's so twisted and he's wrapped around her little finger. My heart went out to him more and more. The Queen was his downfall... and now that he's in Adelina's hands, she will surely use illusions of Giulietta to torture him, no doubt.
We also met Sergio and I liked him! I loved how, from here, we had our close knit group of Roses, the four of them, and I loved their group so much more than I ever loved the Daggers. I'm Team Rose!! I also think that Sergio and Violetta will get together- if one of them doesn't die which seems very possible.
From the very beginning, it was obvious that Enzo would be coming back. But Adelina's plan to pretend being Rafaelle to link Enzo with her? That was genius! Conniving, but genius!!
The face off between the Roses and the Daggers was so intense! The pages were turning themselves by that point.

Can I talk about Magiano vs Enzo yet? Yay!!
I'm Team Magiano, if it isn't obvious. At the beginning, I tried to surpress this feeling because I was certain that Enzo would be endgame but... it could honestly go both ways!! I keep changing my prediction of who will be endgame!
Nevertheless, I love Magiano with Adelina! Whenever she kisses Enzo, it brings out her power-hungry side but with Magiano.. it's light. He calms her, doesn't judge her and brings out the light side in her. That's what love is, isn't it? Bringing out someone's best side? Magiano makes her smile and laugh which is something that Enzo never did- not properly. Magiano also doesn't judge her for killing- he supports her in her decisions and calls her charming. They're better equals.
He loves her scars and tells her to wear them with pride. He's not scared of her. He helps her when she's having hallucinations- always making sure that she is alright.
And also... Enzo and Adelina can't possibly be a thing now that Enzo's found about her betrayal and said those things about hating her... They're enemies now, surely. Hopefully!
Magiano all the way!

Anyway... back to the plot.
We had an epic battle at the end of this book which was so awesome! The baliras, the Roses, the Daggers and the Inquisition!!! I didn't know where to look first. Magiano and Adelina stayed together which my heart happy!
I'm sad that Gemma's dead but... I prefer the Roses and none of them died so I'm happy.
A serious issue for the next book is that Enzo may be able to control Adelina- that could end terribly.
Throughout the entire book, Adelina has been getting hallucinations and now we know why! This is such an interesting set up for the next book. Adelina is so reliant on her power she would not be able to deal without- though Magiano could comfort her!!! This is a beautifully intriguing plot twist and I can't wait to see it unfold in the finale.
Adelina is pushing everyone away- even Violetta which was heart-breaking! Adelina needs to let someone in- let Magiano in!!

I have some pretty good theories on how The Midnight Star will end but they're too long to add to this already massive review so I'll be posting them separately soon!!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts- Team Enzo or Team Magiano? Team Roses or Team Daggers? Stay amazing!

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