Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x09 'Triggerfinger' TV TALK

This was an average episode for me- there was nothing outstanding about it but, as always, it gripped me and keeps me coming back for me. The storyline is focusing more on character depth now which is refreshing but... can we kill a few more Walkers, please?

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Lori was stupid to get herself into that situation with the whole car crash situation but she sure held her own against the Walkers! But I don't know how she would've continued without Shane showing up. I was happy that Shane came to the rescue but... damn you for lying!!! She deserves to know what is happening to her husband and Shane has no right to lie and say that he's fine when he actually hasn't come back yet.
Carl took the fact that Lori was pregnant surprisingly well and I thought that it was so sweet when he suggested the name Sophia if it was a girl. Carl is such a sweet kid.
Shane is honestly a bit delusional. I do believe that Lori loved him but Shane is completely and unrealistically clinging to the hope that she can love him again despite Rick being with them now.
The main plot for this episode was trying to escape the bar and get back to the farm without this new group killing our men.
I feel so sorry for Randall. His group ditches him and then they practically rip his leg off!! I'd rather be shot in the head if I was in his situation.

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