Monday, 6 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x04 'Cherokee Rose' TV TALK

This was such a fun episode- one of my favourites in the series so far. We had a lot of humour, action and even a little bit of romance!!
We have a new dynamic in the group now and it's interesting to see how the group are handling it- because this show is the height of dramatic!

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The episode starts with everyone together again which is nice. Hershel lays down the rules that no guns are going to be used which I think is fair. I'm so hesitant about them using guns- it's just attracts more Walkers surely!!
I also appreciate that Hershel wants the group to leave as soon as they find Sophia. If I was Rick, I would feel so guilty about taking their supplies and putting them at risk of a Walker attack. Hershel's request is completely justified.
I loved the whole sequence of getting that Walker out of the well. It was hilarious- which maybe wasn't the desired affect but.. oh, well. I was watching this part with my mum and we were just laughing at the whole thing! The Walker was by far the most unattractive one I've seen to date and watching Glenn get used as bait and hang panicked was quite the amusing situation- as well as terrifying, of course. When was that plan ever going to work? The Walker ended up cut up in two anyway but, still, it was better than using a gun and attracting more of the things.
I love that Maggie and Glenn went to the pharmacy together. It was so funny when she caught him with those condoms and... boy, was it forward from then on! Like I said... I totally ship them. Glenn looked so chuffed with himself when they made their way back to the house.
Daryl was so sweet this episode. He searched hard for Sophia and brought Carol back a Cherokee Rose when he totally didn't have to! I love Daryl so much and find him strangely attractive...
When Lori first asked for her 'special feminine product', I'd assumed it was tampons or the like. I always wonder in these type of stories where they'd get tampons, etc. But as soon as Glenn was looking in the shop for her, the realisation hit. I blurted out at the TV 'Is she pregnant?' This drama is certainly going to unfold soon- is it Rick's or Shane's?!?! Boy, oh boy, this is going to get interesting!

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