Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Walking Dead 3x02 'Sick' TV TALK

Another exciting episode as always for season 3 of The Walking Dead. I really liked the integration of new characters and seeing how the group deals with that.
We also had one freaking heck of a jump scare but... no spoilers.

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We took Hershel back to the group with little issue- other than the fact that he was obviously missing half of his leg.
We had a bit of a conflict with the prisoners in this episode but I didn't particularly care that the majority of them died.
It was so funny watching them kill their first Walker- it was so over the top!!! They were also very loud which is a rookie mistake.
We had a bit of stand-off with the prisoners as that little prick leader of theirs decided to try and kill Rick but it was fine!! Daryl had Rick's back which was the cutest little bromance moment! And Rick killed that prisoner leader very nicely, by the way. An axe to the head... tasteful.
Now we have two prisoners left who... don't seem so bad? But still, I wouldn't trust them. It's bad but it's a dog eat dog world and if you want to survive, you have to brutal.
Rick is beginning to get very much harsher and crueller which means that the show is getting a lot darker- meaning I love it that much more.
Lori is irritating me, though. When Rick asks her what he should do and whether it's the right thing to kill them she responds with 'if you think it's best'. She's saying that to murder and then when Rick goes ahead and kills humans, she gives him the cold shoulder and slams it in his face!! If you don't like it, Lori, then tell him!!!
It's good that Carol is practising C-section and everything but do I really think that both Lori and the baby will live through the pregnancy? Of course not.
We had a jump scare in this episode and it must have been the worst one I've ever seen. Lori was saving Hershel by giving him mouth to mouth but I kept thinking, 'what if he becomes a Walker and bites you'. Moments later, Hershel gasps awake, Lori jumps back, and I gasp so loudly and jump half a mile high. I couldn't catch my breath after that!
Carl is beginning to be so hilariously mature and nonchalant about everything now. He's all 'yeah, I just killed two Walkers' like it's nothing!!!
What really hit me in this episode was the sad relationship between Rick and Lori- they just don't love each other anymore. It's interesting because before the Walker epidemic they were close to getting a divorce and the only reason they stayed together was because they'd thought each other were dead and that had amplified their emotions. Realistically, they just don't suit anymore. They don't truly love each other and want to be together but feel like they have to because of Carl and the baby- that's the only reason.

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