Friday, 10 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x06 'Secrets' TV TALK

This was a promising episode and, from the title, I was anticipating a lot from this instalment. And, as always, I was not disappointed.
 I really liked this episode and it had a nice balance of drama and action which is always good.
Glenn was the star for me in this episode- he's just too adorable and perfect!! I mean, just look at how cute him and Maggie are!!! Look!!!

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The highlight of this episode had to be Glenn trying to keep all these secrets that are being piled onto him. It's so adorable! He's trying to hide it but he's so terrible at lying!! Even when nobody was looking at him, he acted so suspicious and he's so obvious! Looking from the barn and back to the group nervously. Glancing at Lori and back at the group as if they're hiding something. He's so cute, I wanna cry.

I like that everyone's learning how to shoot, don't get me wrong, but isn't that just going to attract more Walkers! I hate it every time they shoot a gun because surely the noise is going to attract them!
Carl is getting a lot older a lot quicker. He's more mature now and it's nice to see that growth in his character.
And then we have this dynamic with Andrea and Shane. Firstly, they're practising shooting a moving target which is perfectly fine but... Shane, I know you're an asshole and everything but bringing Amy into it was a low blow. But, it's fine. Andrea quickly forgives him and they later have sex....super. But, after what happened to Lori, did they have protection???
I loved that Glenn and Maggie went on another mission to the pharmacy. Maggie got attacked by a Walker which just gave Glenn the perfect opportunity to look all heroic and save her! You go, mate! I think it was important for Maggie to see what life is really like out there- their family is so shielded from what it's like to come across a Walker.
I'm so happy that Rick found about the baby and Shane- though, it was a bit anticlimactic because rick already knew about the Lori/Shane situation. I don't blame Lori for wanting to take the abortion pills- she had justifiable reasons- but it surprised me in no way when Rick wanted to save it- he's just that kind of person. I like how he knew about her and Shane from the beginning. Now only Shane needs to find out..... exciting!

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