Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x10 '18 Miles Out' TV TALK

This episode was clearly divided into two groups- the boys and the girls- who, frankly, were just as bad as each other. Both sides involved arguments, fighting and near death situations. Which was super fun to watch!

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Let's start with the girls- like I said, this episode was completely divided with the boys' and the girls' drama. For the gals, Beth was our definitive problem. I understand why she wants to kill herself- just like Andrea- but I do think it's the coward's way out and that she was a bit naïve in not seeing what an impact it would have on her family.
Andrea has really started to annoy me these past few episodes. At the beginning of the show, she was really cool and bad-ass. But since Amy's death and Dale preventing her from committing suicide, she's been really bitter, reckless and thinks that she's above others just because she can now shoot. She sides with Shane, I think, simply because the rest of the group's against him and I think that she's really self-centred now.

Beth slit her wrists, yes, but I don't think she actually wanted to die and she's realised now that she wants to live.
Now, the boys.
They were going to dump Randall's ass but I don't think Rick would've ever gone through with it- he's not that type of person. He's the Stefan Salvatore of TWD- he wants to save everybody and give everyone a chance because it's the righteous thing to do.
Shane and Rick drama went down this episode! Rick, respectfully, laid things straight to Shane- it's his family and Shane needs to respect his decisions to protect his family. Shane, being the delusional asshole he is, completely disregards this and starts beating him when he disagrees! How can he claim that Rick is his best friend when he goes and tries to kill him?! I blame Shane entirely for those Walkers approaching them- he made all the noise and smashed the window which freed them.
And boy it was funny when he was trapped in that bus and watched Rick leave. He deserved that!!!
But of course, because Rick is our self-righteous goody-goody, he couldn't actually leave him whereas I would've waved happily as I drove away without Shane. Rick isn't a cold blooded murder like Shane and would never dream of leaving him behind.
It was kind of awesome when they slammed through the Walkers in the car and rescued Shane, though! And now... Shane owes Rick his life and that is a fact that I hope Rick shoves in his face as much as possible.

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