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The Vampire Diaries 8x08 'We Have History Together' TV TALK

TVD is back on in the UK!!! I know that the series has finished in the US (and I'm painfully aware of many many spoilers) but the UK is slowly catching up on all the dramatic details.
I'm so upset that this is the last ever series because this show has been my favourite since I was 10! That's six years of my life dedicated to this TV show and it's nearly over!
I'm loving the titles for these episodes- quotes from season one of the show. And this one fit perfectly!!
This wasn't one of my favourite episodes- it was a bit bland and evoked many an eye roll, but hopefully, the season will pick itself back up.

Elena mentions: 2

We followed characters in different directions this episode and... some were more interesting than others.
We'll begin with the gorgeous Salvatore brothers because how could I not?
We started with them acting all evil and displaying lovely team work- though Stefan was a bit more evil than Damon which is understandable. Humanity-less Stefan is vicious! Why does it feel like ripper Stefan is a plot line in each and every series? Stefan's manipulative side was showing beautifully!
They're both deep in the work of finding tasty souls for Cade but.. Stefan's taking it top the extreme! As soon as I saw the doctor, I knew he'd picked her because she looks like Elena! How convenient that she was there for him to use!
And she really disappointed me! I really thought she'd prove Damon right and Stefan wrong by sparing Damon's life but... she's no Elena, I suppose.
Stefan goes on to try and make Damon more evil by banishing any reminders of Elena. Why does this seem familiar? Whenever Stefan's evil he tries to drag Damon down with him! At least Damon leaves Stefan along when he's on an evil streak.
And finally, we have the inevitable ripper Stefan. No matter what Stefan says about control, heads always come off.
We also followed Caroline and Sybil.
I felt so sorry for Caroline!! She's all on her own with no kids or friends or boyfriend with her! I admire her because she still doesn't get down and goes on with her life like nothing's wrong- she's such a strong character.
Sybil makes a great appearance like always and I just have to say that these girls looked gorgeous in this episode! They always freaking slay!!
And Sybil was as sassy and evil as always which is nice to see!
But Seline one upped her sissy so well! I don't blame her after Sybil cut her out of Cade's deal! I'm loving Seline now simply because she's pissing off Sybil.
Finally, we had the Matt and Peter storyline which.... I sighed every time they came on screen.
Through the series, I've become more and more irritated with Matt! He's so boring now and I can't decide whether it's more sad or pathetic. His presence is pointless.
And his drama with Peter is so exaggerated and blown out of proportion. All through this episode he was throwing out snarky remarks (and pathetic ones) and it was so stupid. Plus we had to hear about the entire bloody past of a stupid bell- I don't care about it's past, I care that it could kill the sirens.
We also smushed in a bizarre Matt sob story about how he didn't fit in because he wasn't in a founding family... how does that make sense? Only around 5 kids in your year came from a founding family. What about everyone else???
And it was oddly convenient that Matt and co. were exploring the bell on the same day that Sybil tells Caroline about it...
I feel sorry for the sirens if this bell ends up killing them because... a bell? A superbell to defeat the mighty and almost indestructible sirens? It's not very dignifying, is it?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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