Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x03 'Save the Last One' TV TALK

This was a slower episode compared to the others but it was still nicely paced and built up a lot of tension. We had an underlining evil through this episode (I'm not naming names) but there's a build up of tension that will really blow up in a future episode which is fun to anticipate.

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Andrea is annoying me a bit at the moment. She's always nagging and being a bit harsh with everyone. I get that she's upset about Amy and is feeling suicidal but she's sulking all the time and it's just kind of irritating. I want to shout at her to pull herself together or something.
Daryl; I'm loving. We got a bit of a closer look into his background in this episode and I love it! He genuinely amuses me whilst also happening to be kick-ass and strong.

I'm happy that the rest of the group are coming over to stay with Hershel and his family. It's much safer there.
One couple that I'm really starting to like is Maggie and Glenn. I think it's safe to say that I ship them? They were so cute when they were talking and... I just love both of them to pieces.
Carl was always going to survive; I've seen him in further series promotion pictures so... that plot line wasn't too gripping for me as I knew the outcome. It was still nice to see how dedicated and supporting Rick and Lori were for him, though.
The only action we got in this episode was the snippets of Otis and Shane. By some miracle, they managed to get as far as they did.
The second Shane came home claiming that Otis had died through no one's fault, I was calling bullshit! Shane is such a suss guy and I instantly don't believe him when he comes up with stories like that- especially when we hadn't seen what happened for ourselves yet. So, it surprised me in no way when we cut back to what had happened and found out that Shane was a selfish prick.
However!!!! I do understand where his decision came from. If he hadn't betrayed Otis, all three of them would've died- Otis, Shane and Carl. Through Shane's decision, two of them managed to survive. And you know what they say... two out of three ain't bad.

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