Monday, 20 March 2017

The Walking Dead 3x01 'Seed' TV TALK

Here we are again. At the beginning of a new series. I find that, with The Walking Dead, the best episodes are the first and last ones. And this was no exception.
It was a kick-ass start to the season and set up a lot of difficulties we may face in the future. There was a slight time jump from the end of season two to the beginning of this one and everyone has miraculously grown so much- especially Carl! We also meet some new characters in this episode which is very exciting!

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We started off by trying to find a place to stay. We've shifted a few months down the line and- good news!- no one died in that time and Lori's about to pop! I can't get over how much Carl's grown- he's trusted to go on guard and everything! He's suddenly amazing at shooting and death doesn't seem to faze him! Plus, he's got a super adorable crush on Beth, I think.
It was great when we found the prison and that epic shoot-out was awesome! There's nothing like shooting Walkers to start a season. The synchronisation of the group was superb!
We didn't see too much of Daryl and Carol in this episode but there was a nice scene of them flirting (??) and Daryl giving her a massage. Totally platonic, though....

Rick is so damn harsh now! He's very distant from the entire group and I think the only person he probably says more than two words to are Daryl, Glenn and Carl.
We had a nice pause this episode to appreciate some singing. Yay? I suppose it was nice to see a genuine moment of joy within the camp before everything inevitably goes to shit but... can't we just kill more Walkers or something?
Side note; Beth reminds me so much of Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) it's crazy!
The Walkers were a bit washy in this episode- there's none of them in the hall, then suddenly dozens! Or, there's loads trying to get through the door- so much so that they struggle to barricade it- and then, minutes later when they leave, they kill one and then the coast is clear! Also, the leftover Walkers on the field are just walking around when our group's having a campfire! Surely they should still be attacking the fences to try and get to the group- or did they try for five minutes and suddenly give up? The Walkers were simply inconsistent in this episode.
We were introduced to this Michonne chick today and we're all happy that Andrea is also alive still (miraculously). I don't get Michonne's Walker pets- I know their arms are chopped off and they're chained but wouldn't they be able to walk forward and bite her? Just a thought.
The group then goes on to inspect the prison and clear it of Walkers. I loved the inventive killing when the Walkers had helmets on!!
Lori's convo with Hershel got me thinking; if Lori's baby died inside her, would it become a Walker and eat her from the inside out? Ew, gross.... I wanna see how that would play out, though.
And Hershel? Never assume that a Walker is dead! If you'd checked, you wouldn't have been bitten and you'd still have the other half of your leg.
Thank God for Rick's quick thinking! Watching Rick chop off Hershel's leg was awesome! Watching him hack at it over and over again until it was a stump... it's disturbing how much I like the gruesome parts...
I'm instantly suspicious of these prisoners... I don't want them in our group. Go away. Shoo.
This episode got me so pumped for the rest of the season!

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