Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Walking Dead 2x05 'Chupacabra' TV TALK

This was such an exciting episode! I really liked this one- it was greatly paced and everything is slowly beginning to build up and unfold. There were many brilliant 'gasp' moments which made me so happy and so greatly gripped. This show is really evolving from season one already- it's becoming more character/relationship based and is really focusing on fleshing out these character's stories- it's not just a gory zombie show, guys!!

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I love seeing the flashbacks every once in a while. It was great to see a snippet of how our beloved group formed from the very beginning.
I'm getting more and more annoyed with Lori because she just needs to tell someone that she's pregnant! Hershel wants them gone but if he finds out that Lori's pregnant they may get a chance to stay!! Suck up your pride, Lori, and tell someone.

Daryl really tore at my heart-strings this episode- he was the star of it, definitely. It's obvious that he really does care for Carol and Sophia- he's the one going out every day to look for her and he's the one who somehow manages to find all the clues to her whereabouts.
That stupid snake spooking Daryl's horse, though! That was one mighty heck of a fall and Daryl literally got impaled by one of his arrows (of which he's growing short on, by the way, which worries me). And somehow, he manages to survive (because he's awesome, that's why). It wasn't pleasant seeing Merle again- even if it was a hallucination- but I suppose I should be reluctantly thankful as it kept Daryl alive.
So, courageous Daryl struggles home after a brutal fall, wound and Walker attack, and how is he greeted? Andrea bloody tries to shoot him in the head! Thank God she had a bad aim at that point and only skimmed his brain! My God, Andrea, you don't suddenly need to be all trigger-happy!
Glenn found the lovely barn of Walkers this episode and....what the hell?! This family just keeps Walkers as pets? Are they maybe experimenting on them or something? Either way, I would not feel safe with more than a dozen Walkers living next to me in a very unstable and easily breakable barn? They're crazy!

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