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Marvel Avengers BOOK TAG

This tag is a little outdated as it came out when Age of Ultron was released but, regardless, I still wanted to do. Just bear in mind that some of the questions are a little odd since this tag was old (eg. Black Widow's question because she is getting her own movie now. Or Ant man's question because it already came out and we're no longer anticipating it).
So, in honour of Infinity War coming out soon, let's begin the tag...

1. Iron Man- Favourite first book in a series
To All the Boys I've Loved Before- Jenny Han
This is actually my favourite in the series which doesn't happen often- books usually get better. But with this series, the first book remains my favourite and I think they actually go downhill with every book. The first book is the easiest to read as it doesn't have the heavy, depressing or irritating subjects the second two have and you can just enjoy how funny and adorable these characters are. I do love this whole trilogy but the first one will always be the best, in my opinion. Exactly like the Iron Man movies, actually.
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2. Hulk- A book that you can't talk about because it would make you angry. And people wouldn't like you when you're angry
Wear White to your Funeral- Lisa Acerbo
This was a book that I didn't finish because it was so awful. I even have half a book review written but have never finished because it's too irritating for me to even look back to. The writing was poor, the characters fickle and flaky, and I just couldn't get into it. The characters and their decisions annoyed the heck out of me and I just had to give up half way through because I might've seriously hurt someone if I'd carried on. It made me that angry. And you wouldn't like me I'm angry.
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3. Captain America- A book that takes place in World War 2
Wolf by Wolf- Ryan Graudin
This is a bit of a cheat but I'm not a massive fan of historical fiction books so my options for this question were limited. Wolf by Wolf is technically set around the time of World War 2 but... it's an alternate world where Hitler won the war and follows a girl who's trying to get close enough to assassinate him. So, while it isn't the best in terms of historical accuracy, it's still an amazing duology that I'd recommend because it's awesome and soul-crushing all at once.
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4. Thor- A book based on mythology of any kind
Half-Blood- Jennifer L. Armentrout 
My favourite myths just have to be Greek myths and Jennifer L. Armentrout writes about them so damn well (as with any book she writes). The Covenant series is all about descendants of the Gods (basically watered down but still bad-ass demigods, called half and pure bloods) and they're epic! You also get to see the actual Greek Gods (Apollo's my favourite because he's hilarious) and they play perfect in these myths. If you haven't ever picked up a JLA book please do that now!! I cannot stress enough how great her books are.

5. Black Widow- A side character you wish would get their own movie... er, book
Kenji- Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi
Kenji is one of the funniest and sassiest side characters out there and I could easily read a book following him. I think it'd be such an entertaining and easy read. Plus, Kenji has some really cool powers so it'd be cool to have a prequel of when he discovered them and how he learnt how to use them- that'd be really awesome to read.
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6. Hawkeye- A book you love, but everyone else seems to dislike
The DUFF- Kody Keplinger 
This was a tricky one because it's usually the other way around- me hating a book that everyone else loves. The closest answer to this question I could get is the DUFF because I know a lot of people think it's 'meh' while I think it's absolutely amazing and one of my favourite contemporaries of all time. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me but the characters, the layered plot, the sass... it's too good for me to resist.

7. Nick Fury- A character with a ton of sass
Thorne- the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
When I think of sass, to be honest, I think of so many characters but I've decided to pick Thorne for this question because I don't talk about the Lunar Chronicles enough. Thorne is one of those confident, cocky characters and I think sass just comes naturally with that type of personality. I specifically love the banter he has with his best friend, Cinder, and he was definitely the one to make me laugh the most with his witty quips through this series.
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8. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch- A book with a great sibling relationship
Cassie and Sammy - The 5th Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey 
This was actually a hard question which isn't great for sibling relationships in YA but I finally settled on Cassie and Sammy. While this trilogy is far (far far) from my favourite, the bond between these two siblings is really nice and I did love Cassie's determination to find her brother in the first book. She was so loyal and driven to fight for him and not give up on him, and that dedication gave them this spot.
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9. Phil Coulson- A book you wish would be adapted for the big screen
Soulmates- Holly Bourne 
Contemporary books are the easiest ones to turn into good movies, I think, and I could've picked any single Holly Bourne book for this question but Soulmates would work particularly in my opinion. It's a nice, easy romance to work with but with some mind-blowing twists and a heart-breaking ending that I feel would make cinema audience burst into uncontrollable tears. And that's a great recipe for a movie in my opinion.

10. Loki- A villain you just can't help but love
Avari- the Soul Screamer series by Rachel Vincent 
This was a tricky question because, while I do like villains, I don't tend to love them (other than Loki, of course). I decided to go with the demon Avari from the Soul Screamer series not because I love love love him but because he's such a great villain and I love to hate him. He's got such a great drive and motivation and he's wickedly clever which makes things that much more entertaining. He's brilliant at taunting the protagonist, Kaylee, and I think he was a great villain for this series.

11. Ant-Man- the next book on your TBR
A Court of Frost and Starlight- Sarah J. Maas
This has been the release I've been anticipating most this year and it comes out on May 1st! Which means I'll be dropping everything and diving straight into it because I don't have that kind of self-restraint. This book follows the after-events of ACOWAR and I'm so damn excited to be reunited with my all-time favourite cast of characters. This series is addictive and I'm too obsessed to not read it straight away. Likely in one sitting.
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And I tag whoever wants to do this tag!
Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts. Stay amazing!

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