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Winter- Marissa Meyer BOOK TALK

My heart is full.
This has got to be one of the best finales I've ever read in my life. Everything was dealt with and there were absolutely no loose ends left at the end (which you would expect from a 820 page book).
I finished this book with a swollen heart- from too much happiness but also emptiness due to finishing the series and not having any more Lunar content to read. Winter has to be my favourite of the series with Cress close behind, followed by Cinder and finally Scarlett- though that isn't the order of my favourite characters or ships.
This book had great momentum and the plot was intense, fast-paced and jam-packed. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and I can't help but be in awe of Meyer's writing and skill at completeing this series so perfectly.
This series is essentially loose fairy tale retelling with sci-fi twists. The stories aren't separate but build together with each new addition to create a stunning masterpiece with all the different elements, characters and perspectives. Winter follows so many different point of views but everyone's story joins together into one massive crew- the infamous Rampion crew lead by none other than Captain Thorne.
This series is stunning and if you haven't yet picked it up... go do it.
I have Book Talks for Cinder, Scarlet and Cress so I'll link them in case you missed them.
Warning: Strong language at times.

This book started perfectly. Kai and Cinder. It's as simple as that. Their relationship is so sweet and genuine- though I'm sorry that I now prefer Cresswell!!!
Winter continued it's perfection with a Thorne and Kai man to man talk. I was so giddy. Cress was  totally giving Thorne the cold-shoulder and the boys' heart to heart was all kinds of cute because it was so obvious that Thorne felt something for Cress. All through the book Thorne was trying to prove to himself that he was good enough for Cress and...the feels!

And when Cress got left behind? You could just see how much it was affecting Thorne.
We obviously looked more into Winter's character and also her relationship with Jacin. I don't mind Jacin but he's far from my favourite- I like him more than Wolf though. He really does care about Winter- there's no doubt about that- but I think he was a bit cold at times and it didn't make him too likeable for me.
I respected him for getting Scarlet and Winter out of there, though- clever plan. And I have to point out how Cress saved them instead of herself- the selfless sweetheart.
I know I'm not a huge fan of Scarlet and Wolf but their reunion warmed my heart and had me grinning helplessly. I know it's a bit quick but they really wouldn't be able to live without each other.
And the video Cress made was so sweet and Thorne's reaction made me so happy yet so incredibly sad at the same time. Cress is a darling and I can't get over how much I love both her and Thorne.
One relationship I wasn't expecting to love in this book was the friendship between Winter and Scarlet. They're complete opposites but somehow it works so beautifully. Scarlet is hot-headed and harsh whilst Winter is semi-crazy but content with not hurting a fly. Their relationship was a bit rocky to begin with but no matter how much Scarlet sarcastically regarded Winter, she really did grow a close friendship with her and cared about her. It was a beautiful friendship progression.
But it wasn't my favourite friendship. No way. The best friendship in this entire series was between my two favourite characters. Care to venture a guess?
Cinder and Thorne.
I don't know why I was emotional when Thorne and Jacin jumped into the water to save Cinder after the intense wedding scene and epic trial!- despite how much Thorne and Cinder bicker and how he claims he's doing it for the prize money, he platonically loves Cinder and would do anything to protect her. They started off this mission just the two of them and they've been with eachother through everything.
I was gritting my teeth in anger when Levana controlled Kai in the video! Bitch!
Despite Kai being split up from the crew for the majority of this series, he has his own issues to deal with and it is really great to see him learn how to be a better Emperor, sacrificing things for his people and learning to stand up and be hecka sassy towards Levana.
I loved Thorne's suggestion of pouring rice in Cinder's head. Theoretically, why the hell wouldn't that work?
Finally by page 605!!! My babies kiss! And his confession of that Luna glamour that looked like Cress! My heart! But why the hell do characters always get interrupted before he tells her he loves her! Why???
If I had a dollar for every crew member that got captured...
I have to talk about Iko. I always do! Iko is a gorgeous soul! Her and Cinder's friendship is precious and pure- when they tell each other that the love eachother. 'Broken isn't the same as unfixable'. Their friendship warms my heart. I think that Cinder and Iko are the true ship of this series- it's beautiful.
Then the intense finale battle sequence comes right at us!
Thorne can keep his humour in any situation- even when he's hanging off of a building and is about to die! I love how he wanted to get a message to Cress that he meant it!
I love the end 'battle' scene and how, in the room with Levana we had the added danger of fighting our own friends. I think that aspect keeps the reader on their feet and when Thorne was stabbing Cinder!! It was just so bloody intense!
I was terrified that Cress would die and Thorne would be so heartbroken for doing that to her! It was painful to read!
I can't believe that Cinder trusted Levana! And what did it get her? And knife in the stomach, that's what.
I'm so happy Meyer didn't pull an Allegiant and kill off Cinder.
I love Cinder was an awkward queen- it's realistic! So many other characters in different books rise to a position of authority and instantly know what to do and are all assertive and shit. Cinder needs to grow into the position and I loved how her awkwardness was portrayed.
The thought of Thorne and Cress travelling the world together completes me. I've wanted that kiss and love declaration since bloody Cress!! I could totally read a spin-off series following Cresswell's adventures.
It was the perfect ending! That quote as well. And they all lived happily ever after. It was like Heartless all over again.
Everything was closed- there were no loose ends and I left the book with my heart whole and fully satisfied.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Who was you favourite ship? Stay amazing!

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