Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Cress- Marissa Meyer BOOK TALK

Cress (the third addition to The Lunar Chronicles) is my favourite in the series so far. And this also happens to be my favourite cover.
This series is the avengers of fairtytale women and it is awesome!
We still got epic Cinder and Kai chapters with the extra addition of Cress who is such a sweetheart! She's a shy and pure genius and everything she did made me smile. Thorne was also a massive part of this book which made me so happy- he's my favourite male character in this series, I think (sorry Kai- you're a close second).
I love how we've slowly formed our crew bit by bit and, while the characters split up a lot in each book, they always come together and kick ass! I love how the characters split up into pairs and go in completely different directions (not intentionally) because it keeps everything interesting.
I have Book Talk for both Cinder and Scarlet which I'll link in case you missed them.
If you haven't already read this series, go read it. Just...now.


Oh, boy. Oh boy. Oh boy.
I'm racing through this series so quickly it's ridiculous. Where to even start?
Cress is a sweetheart. I love her so much- she's so adorable. And as soon as she started fangirling over Thorne I knew that I was right about him being her love interest. It's so damn cute! It was only when Sybil referred to her as Crescent that it twigged in my brain- she's Dr. Erland's daughter! I was bracing for myself for an emotional family reunion that, in the end, wasn't really what I expected considering that Dr Erland was dying through it.

I was so annoyed when Thorne lost his eye-sight. he needs to see what he's doing- he became powerless with just one bump to the head and it must have been so frustrating for him! And, still he managed to keep a smiling face through it all. I'm hoping there'll be a really cute moment between Cress and Thorne when he finally gets his sight back and he's staring into her eyes and they kiss... that would nice. Please.
I ship Cress and Thorne so freaking much and their relationship just warms my heart so much!
Thorne really is a dream-boat and, still he flirts with Iko which makes my life complete.
Still though my favourite are Cinder and Kai. They always will be I think. My favourite order goes: Cinder + Kai, Cress + Thorne and then Scarlet + Wolf at the end.
I'm not too worried about Scarlet being taken off to Luna- they're planning to go there anyway so we'll see her again I'm sure.
I'm not sure I completely trust Jacin. I'm beginning to think that he may be Winter's love interest- his number one aim is to protect her- and I do like how blunt he is but... I think if any one of the crew is going to betray anyone, it'll be him.
We've seen glimpses of Winter in Cress and, honestly, she kind of creeps me out so far...
I'm so happy that Iko's got a new body. And when she hugged Thorne for it! She's so adorable- I want her for myself. It's so weird to imagine her working with Cinder now- side by side- but I love the image. Finally, Iko can help a lot more and she's in a host that she's always wanted. She truly deserves it.
The heist on the wedding day was intense! I'm not sure what Cress and Wolf were meant to be doing but all I cared about was a Cinder/Kai reunion (finally!!!) and Thorne getting his sight back. I don't blame Cinder for tranquilising Kai but... he sure isn't going to be happy when he wakes up.
I'm so happy that Kai finally knows about Cinder and Princess Seline. This book ended perfectly- with the scenes that I've been praying for since the end of Cinder.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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