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Singing Fire- T.L. Martin BOOK TALK

I received a digital ARC directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I loved this book. Sure it was a bit on the cliché side of things (vampire/witch feud) but that didn't put me off at all. It was an original story and the well-worn genre didn't bother me at all.
This book was such a light and enjoyable read- it wasn't too strenuous on the emotional turmoil side of things. It was a quick, easy and fun read that you can simply fly through.
The plot was executed nicely and the cliff-hanger really hit me and means that I desperately need the sequel pronto!!
I would describe this book as a mix between The Morganville Vampires (Rachel Caine), Hexed (Michelle Krys) and a good ol' slice of Twilight (Stephanie Meyer) thrown in for good measure.


I loved Charlie as a protagonist. She was kick-ass, determined and it was great to watch her grow into herself. She's usually very closed off and prefers solitude but, as the story progresses, Charlie really matures and becomes more confident which was wonderful to see.
As with any book that I'm suspecting a romance, I'm eyeing each and every guy introduced to see if they're going to be the one I fall hopelessly in love with (even Ray was a contender before I realised how old he was).

At first, I had my sights on Matt but as soon as his description was basically 'he looks like a surfer', I knew he wouldn't be the love interest. When the love interest comes into a scene, there's usually a sizeable paragraph on their description (and that's just on how dreamy their eyes are).
So when Desmond strolled onto the page, my eyes (figuratively, of course) latched onto him and, from that point, they never let go. Who doesn't love an angsty vampire romance!?!? And a mysterious one at that!
The relationship between him and Charlie was beautfiful- if a tiny bit predictavble. I was so excited when Charlie had to stay at his house because I'd been waiting forever (ha ha, vampire pun) for them to get together and I could feel in bones that it would happen any page.
The romantic section was all kinds of sweet and hot (though I'll never look at chocolate fondue the same way ever again). It was so cute that he remembered her list of mundane traditions that she'd never done and did them with her! The kite! The picnic! Twister! The feels!! Giving her that taste of normalcy before all the inevitable crazy happened was the best gift he could've given her.
But is it just me or whenever I read a relationship between a human- opal in this case- and a vampire my first thought is whether the human will become immortal? My ship can't survive if one grows old and dies while the other stays young forever. That is always going to be in the back of mind as I read.
Onto a more serious note; the whole demon plotline was super interesting. The purple eyes that kept cropping up created a nice mystery through the book and an apprehension of what was going to happen- because we all new some shit was about to go down.
The ability to connect with Charlie and become semi all-powerful was cool but spiked much suspicion in me (who actually cares about Charlie and who cares about power?). I was completely suspicious of Pricilla at one point- I still don't wholly trust her.
I got Lux (Obsidian- Jennnifer L. Armentrout) vibes from the whole 'connection' malarkey- 'as we're connected, if one of us dies, we both die' kinda thing but it's an interesting twist. And boy was it frustrating when Charlie connected with Tempest- though I understand she didn't have much choice. But she wouldn't have even been in that much trouble if she hadn't done the martyr thing and gone on alone in the snake pit. So now, when we want the bitch dead, we can't even kill her!
But I was riding a massive high when Desmond and Charlie connected and went all bad-ass on everyone! It was pretty awesome and I felt somewhat victorious.
Until the dreaded ending...
Honestly, I disliked the ending- it's my book pet peeve when the characters forget everything they've been through. I'm sure Desmond remebers which makes it so much more painful! I'm hoping that Charlie will get her memories back otherwise I'll be so so so frustrated- it's my number one pet peeve because it feels like we've gone through everything with this character and it's all basically for nothing becauase they don't even remember. (That and it's way too heart-breaking for me to even deal with). So I hope Charlie gets her memories back. Please, please, please. Fingers crossed.
Overall, it was such a quick and fun read and I'm so excited for the sequel!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment any of your thoughts! Stay amazing!

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